There's really nothing subtle about the promotional campaign for Deadpool 2, and the new French poster is no exception. The Merc with a Mouth is featured striking a provocative pose, highlighting his butt, much like the Marvel Cinematic Universe character posters for Infinity War. Earlier in the week, Marvel Studios released some character posters and fans noticed right away that Captain America and The White Wolf's butts were on full display, leading to a flood of jokes and memes on social media. Not to be outdone, Wade Wilson has gotten in on the fun in the latest Deadpool 2 poster.

The latest poster for Deadpool 2 is much simpler than what we've previously seen from the promotional campaign. The simple image, which again, features Wade Wilson's backside, also has a simple caption reading, "one never forgets his second time." There's no hidden Easter Eggs that are evident right away and it's a far cry from the Easter-themed poster that Ryan Reynolds shared on social media.

On the other side, the most recent Infinity War posters have been filled with Easter Eggs and superhero butts. As previously noted, Chris Evans' backside is on full display in his Captain America character poster with the Avengers "A" logo placed in a very interesting place. Bucky's poster shows off pretty much the same pose, but the logo is in a much more tasteful area than Cap's. Additionally, the new IMAX poster for Infinity War features some tiny Ant-Man characters in a few places that have been discovered so far.

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The new French Deadpool 2 poster embraces the butt, instead of making it seem accidental like the MCU's promotional team. This falls perfectly in line with what the Merc with a Mouth is all about, but the real competition will be at the box office in a few weeks when Infinity War opens. If Infinity War is able to pull off 3 consecutive weeks at number one, will Deadpool 2 be able to steal the box office upon its opening weekend? After that, Deadpool 2 has to battle it out at the box office with Solo: A Star Wars Story the following week. Wade Wilson better hold on to his butt, because it's going to be a bumpy summer.

Deadpool 2 hits theaters on May 18th, but it won't have as many butts in it as Infinity War. There's way too many characters in the upcoming MCU movie to even count, so they win the backside war by default. However, in terms of posters, Deadpool 2 is the clear winner with its simple, yet elegant design. You can check out the latest poster for Deadpool 2 below, along with the Infinity War character posters of Captain America and Bucky for a quick backside comparison. The Deadpool 2 poster comes to us courtesy of 2oth Century Fox.

<strong><em>Deadpool 2</em></strong> international booty poster

Kevin Burwick