In a rare occurrence, Peter W. from Deadpool 2 stayed up past his bedtime so that he could attend the premiere of the highly anticipated sequel. Peter is the latest member of X-Force, who appears to be just a normal dude without any powers and joined the team after seeing an ad. Ever since the promotional campaign for Deadpool 2 started, comedian Rob Delaney's Peter character has been a fan-favorite with his regular Joe sense of humor. Though, certain fans believe that there is more to Peter W. than we think.

Rob Delaney seemingly showed up to the Deadpool 2 premiere in character as Peter W. He posted a picture with himself, wearing his trademark khaki pants and a button up shirt, along with Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, and Zazie Beetz. Peter is also sporting his giant mustache and looks to be a great deal taller than the rest of the cast. He had this to say about attending the Deadpool 2 premiere.

"Stayed up past 10 o'clock last night to be with the supporting players for a team called, X-Force. #kindness #motivation"

Peter W. even has his own Twitter account, which has over 100,000 followers as of this writing. Not only that, but it appears that the character account started tweeting long before he was shown off in the promotional material for Deadpool 2, adding another layer of mystery to Peter. The account features some of Peter's favorite things in life including grilling, beekeeping, and taking the occasional selfie with members of the X-Force. He's also taunted by a swan in some pretty hilarious videos that have been posted to the account along with a shark video that reminds him to take better care of his goldfish.

Press screenings for Deadpool 2 started earlier this week and the first reactions for the sequel have been overwhelmingly positive. Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin have been praised for the performances and the same goes for Zazie Beetz as well. Obviously, Peter W. is another fan-favorite from the first reactions. There are twists and surprises that nobody sees coming along with more of the vulgar humor that Deadpool fans love. Rob Liefeld, who created the character even cried at the end of the movie.

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Deadpool 2 hits theaters in less than a week, so it'd be best to stop visiting certain sites and forums where spoilers can pop up at any moment. The sequel is definitely something that fans want to see without having any prior knowledge of the plot. Since there's still some time to wait before Deadpool 2 officially opens, fans are encouraged to go check out Peter W.'s Twitter account and spend some time there to really get a sense of who the character really is. You can check out the awesome picture from the Deadpool 2 premiere along with some day-to-day workings below, courtesy of Peter W.'s Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick