There has been a slight delay in the production start date for Deadpool 2. But it's probably for the best. The sequel doesn't have a firm release date in place, and it appears that everyone involved wants the best movie possible, so they're not rushing anything. Ryan Reynolds and his writing staff are still hammering the final nails into the script, and if all goes according to plan, the show will hit the road this June.

Ryan Reynolds spent nearly a decade trying to get Deadpool into theaters after the much maligned X-Men Origins: Wolverine showed the character in a not so fan friendly light. Now that the first movie is considered a phenomenon and an anomaly in the superhero genre, it's not hard to imagine that he doesn't want to screw up this next installment. There is a lot riding on Deadpool 2, and it's not being handled lightly, as everyone saw with the departure of original director Tim Miller, who reportedly left over creative differences.

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Deadpool 2 has not had an easy pre-production process. And it hit a huge speed bump when it had to go searching for a new director, which it found in John Wick's David Leitch. It was then announced this past week that former Daredevil showrunner Drew Goddard had arrived at the Deadpool offices to help Reynolds and his writing team of Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese bring the script to the finish line. The sequel was confirmed to start production this summer. That's still happening. Just not as early as everyone thought.

The Directors Guild of Canada reveals that Deadpool 2 will shoot from June 19 until September 18, giving the filmmakers three months to capture all the excitement and action they need to lockdown. This production start date is now pushed a month and a half later than previously reported. It is speculated that Goddard's help in polishing the script is the main reason for the slight delay.

Reynolds and his team now have roughly 4 months to go over and rework the script. They also have quite a bit of time to finalize their casting. Ryan Reynolds is the only actor confirmed for the sequel. It is rumored that Pierce Brosnan is playing Cable, and Scandal star Kerry Washington is said to be up for Domino, though later reports claimed that was false. The actress played coy when asked directly about her involvement, though she strongly hinted that she's love to be a part of the movie.

Producer Simon Kinberg recently said that Fox wants Deadpool 2 in theaters by 2018. And it is targeting a March release date. Though, the studio has yet to confirm this. if this production schedule plays out as reported, it will give the team six more months for post, which is enough time to get it all done. Some major Deadpool 2 announcements are expected after Logan lands in theaters next month.