It looks like we are going to have to wait just a little bit longer for those first Deadpool 2 set pics, everyone. Production on the highly-anticipated sequel has been delayed, but not by that much. Deadpool 2 was originally slated to begin production on June 19, but that has now been bumped back to June 26. So it is just a week, but that is still one week less that the creative team will have to lock the movie after production before the release of Deadpool 2 next year.

The news comes courtesy of Omega Underground who are reporting that production on Deadpool 2 is now going to start on June 26 and will wrap on October 6. This is coming from local production sources working in Vancouver. Hearing that things have been delayed, even if it is just a week, may trigger some minor alarms for some fans. But it is just a week and that could give the creative team just a bit more time to tighten things up before cameras start rolling.

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Often times when production is delayed on a movie of this size, it has a tendency to affect the release date. However, since it is only a week, and since there will still be plenty of time for post-production, this shouldn't mess with the current release date for the Deadpool sequel. Deadpool 2 will be shooting for about four months, which is a solid amount of filming, but is to be expected for a blockbuster movie of this size. The first Deadpool also shot in Vancouver, and any comparisons that can be made between this movie and the first movie are probably good, since the first one did so well.

Despite the fact that Fox has already released a teaser trailer for Deadpool 2, which is more or less a short film that the studio was able to attach to Logan, few details are known about Deadpool 2. But with production ramping up at the end of next month, don't be surprised if the studio winds up starting their surely entertaining marketing campaign with some kind of announcement once filming begins. Perhaps we'll get a video with Ryan Reynolds in costume introducing the new cast or explaining the basic plot of the movie? Either way, we should be getting some news about Deadpool 2 soon once the cameras start to roll.

Deadpool 2 is set to be directed by David Leitch (John Wick), who is taking over for Tim Miller. Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have returned to write the script, with the help of Drew Goddard. The cast for the movie includes Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson/Deadpool, Zazie Beetz as Domino, Josh Brolin as Cable, Briana Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Stefan Kapicic as Colossus, Karan Soni as Dopinder and Leslie Uggams Blind Al. Deadpool 2 is set for release on June 1, 2018.