It was reported late last week that Deadpool 2 had a pretty rough test screening after anonymous sources claimed the highly anticipated sequel wasn't very good. Some fans shrugged off the rumors while others were scared that the recent reshoots were taking place to fix some of the potential problems. Apparently, the reshoots are adding more Cable and Domino into the mix after some viewers and studio executives at the test screenings requested more from the two new characters in their feedback notes.

Deadpool 2 was first tested in front of an audience in late January where it reportedly scored in the low 90s, which led to another edit and the recent reshoots. According to sources, people wanted to see more of Josh Brolin's Cable and Zazie Beetz's Domino characters, so that was the main reason behind the reshoots. It has been reported that the recent test screening from last weekend scored the movie in the upper 90s with the new edit, so that should help to ease the minds of fans who were expecting something less than stellar.

Most of the uproar over the test screenings of Deadpool 2 came from 2 sources and may have been just stating opinion, rather than fact. Fueling the rumors were the reshoots, but just about any major Hollywood movie goes in for reshoots after the initial filming to fill in any gaps or in this case, add more of two characters who people wanted to see more of. Many have looked at the poor screen tests rumors as a positive note after several recent movies received high marks but were later torn apart by critics and fans upon release.

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Josh Brolin announced after the holidays that he was gearing up for the Deadpool 2 reshoots and took some time to poke fun at co-star Ryan Reynolds. A few weeks later, Reynolds was sharing pictures and video from the set in Vancouver, Canada, showing off a long, "scary" hallway as well as some pictures from when the Make A Wish Foundation visited the set. Elsewhere, Zazie Beetz commented on the tone of the sequel, stating that it's "heavier" than the first installment and says that it's more emotional this time around.

Fox has yet to officially respond to the test screening rumors and they more than likely will not, but sources say that Deadpool 2 tested much higher after the new edit and that the negativity rumors are false. In addition to talking about the additional Cable and Domino scenes, the sources also claim that there are a lot of great cameos in the sequel and that fans have nothing to worry about when the movie hits theaters. This report originated from Collider's Editor in Chief, Steve Weintraub. You can check out Weintraub addressing the negative test screenings and reshoots for Deadpool 2 over at Collider.

Kevin Burwick