Deadpool 2 is only days away from hitting theaters and Ryan Reynolds is pulling out all of the stops. The star recently appeared on South Korea's King of Masked Singer to promote the sequel while disguised as a unicorn. Reynolds' rendition of "Tomorrow" from the Annie soundtrack is ridiculously good and he brought the house down before he even took off his mask. Ryan Reynolds has been trolling the MCU and getting trolled back in return as well as doing just about anything to promote Deadpool 2.

Ryan Reynolds can sing, and he does it quite well while wearing a unicorn mask. Contestants and judges on King of Masked Singer were trying to guess who he was, with one person guessing that it was President Donald Trump, which Reynolds poked a little fun at later in the show. The South Korean game show revolves around singers wearing silly masks to entertain the audience before revealing what they really look like. Nobody even knew that it was Ryan Reynolds. His voice was soaring, hitting all of the notes, getting the audience excited, but that was nothing compared to when the Deadpool 2 star decided to pull off his mask and reveal his true identity.

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The crowd and judges flipped out when Ryan Reynolds pulled off his unicorn mask. He even scored pretty decently on the hit South Korean show, which he seemed quite proud of. Deadpool 2 just got a huge shot of publicity thanks to Reynolds' stunt and now it's starting to go viral as well. The highly anticipated sequel hits theaters this Friday and has had one of the most creative promotional campaigns ever, even more creative than the first movie.

Press screenings have occurred and the early reactions have been positive, with many suggesting that Deadpool 2 is better than the first installment. As usual, Ryan Reynolds' portrayal of the Merc with a Mouth is receiving high praise, as are the performances of Josh Brolin and Zazie Beetz. There's been a lot of talk about the MCU and Infinity War lately, but that's about to change this week. Granted, Deadpool 2 is still a Marvel movie, just not within the MCU.

Deadpool 2 has also been praised for its plot twists and surprises, which have taken audiences by complete surprise, much like Ryan Reynolds appearing on King of Masked Singer disguised as a unicorn. It's still pretty remarkable that Reynolds was able to pull off such a good performance with the unicorn mask on, especially while also wearing an adult diaper. Deadpool 2 officially hits theaters on May 18th, but you can watch Ryan Reynolds sing his heart out on South Korea's King of Masked Singer below and judge for yourself. The footage of the South Korean game show comes to us courtesy of the KOCOWA Official Twitter account.