The Deadpool 2 production is in full swing up in Vancouver, B.C. and residents are getting a full look into the action that is dominating the downtown area. Recently released video from the local news to social media features some kind of military transport vehicle as well as Cable doing a sweet flip and Deadpool's scooter driving skills on a Vancouver sidewalk. Production began earlier this summer with some footage shot in Victoria at Hatley Castle, which is the location of the X-Men Mansion and the locals are excited to have the production of the movie take place in their town once again.

It's been an exciting few weeks for fans of Deadpool with our first looks at Zazie Beetz as Domino and Josh Brolin as Cable and now we have some pretty interesting footage of the production shot by the residents of Vancouver. The local news footage was posted to the Why? YouTube channel and shows Josh Brolin's stuntman doing a flip on to a structure with the help of some wires and the landing is nailed perfectly, as one would expect. Next up we see a military transport vehicle with several trailers and "DMC" and the number 7 printed on the side. It is rumored that the transport vehicle is carrying mutants against their will.

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Another shot is shown of the "DMC" vehicle, but this time it's from an office building, which offers a nice aerial view of the vehicle smashing into a car as camera operators travel in front and the side of the vehicle. Domino can be seen chasing the vehicle from behind. Next up, and from the same angle, we see Ryan Reynolds' stuntman riding a scooter on the sidewalk in a very wobbly fashion, as he's being chased.

Some of the residents and local business owners are scared that the production will drive away business and clog already congested streets in the tourist area. But a report from the first Deadpool movie reveals that the production did wonders for the local work force, bringing in $40 million in just 58 days of production. $19 million of that went into hiring local cast and crew. So overall, the production is great for the local economy even though it causes some traffic and street closures for a few weeks. The general consensus is of excitement for the residents that are just excited to see the Deadpool 2 production in their hometown and the off chance that they might run into Ryan Reynolds or Josh Brolin on the street.

20th Century Fox was careful with the release of the official images of Cable and Domino as to make sure no leaked pictures showed up before an official announcement. Our first look at Cable and Domino could have been from news reports and social media video from the first time that the characters were on set in Deadpool 2, which definitely would not have been as cool as getting the official shots that we received. You can check out the news footage as well as some more fan-shot footage below.