The Deadpool production continues in Vancouver, Canada and Ryan Reynolds shared some behind-the-scenes video from the reshoots. Reynolds is a pretty epic tour guide, adlibbing some comedic touches as he walks down a "scary" hallway. Josh Brolin revealed that Deadpool 2 reshoots were going to take place a few weeks ago and since then, we've seen some pictures that Ryan Reynolds shared from the Make A Wish Foundation's visit to the set, complete with bamboo replicas of the Merc with a Mouth's katana swords as gifts.

The new Deadpool 2 set videos feature Ryan Reynolds in full Deadpool gear (minus the mask), walking down the longest "scary" hallway ever. Reynolds, sporting a beard, wonders aloud how many stabbing deaths have occurred in the hallway while narrating the new video. He had this to say.

"Like, has anyone not died of a messy stabbing death in this hallway? OK, we're back in the hallway again, the never, ending scary hallway. But I brought security with me this time, I brought (female crew member) Hayley. She's the muscle of this operation."

The video was shared to Reynolds' Instagram followers through a series of stories on the social media platform. The videos don't tell anything about the movie, but it's pretty funny to watch Deadpool walk down the never-ending hallway. Ryan Reynolds also mused about the construction of the scary hallway in the video, commenting that it was constructed out of some pretty interesting materials. You can see the gears turning as he subtly turns from himself into the Merc with a Mouth when describing the cinder blocks in the hallway. As it turns out, this special hallway is made from hepatitis, jokes Reynolds. He says.

"What a lot of people don't know is that this entire hallway has been constructed out of congealed hepatitis, so it makes for a surprisingly sturdy cinderblock. You learn something new every day, right? The more you know..."

Ryan Reynolds and the production team of Deadpool 2 have been upping the ante on all of their promotional material this time around. We've seen the Bob Ross inspired teaser trailer, which was definitely more of an homage to Ross than a trailer for Deadpool 2 since there was barely any footage shown. Thankfully, the real trailer was recently released, featuring all kinds of new footage from the upcoming sequel along with plenty of Easter Eggs to devour, including a Bob Ross Easter Egg.

It is debatable how much influence artist Bob Ross had on the production of Deadpool 2, but if the promotional material for the movie shows, it may have been more than anyone cares to admit. Though, Ryan Reynolds doesn't seem to be ashamed of the respect that he has of the artist. Anyway, Deadpool 2 hits theaters on May 18th and while we wait, you can check out the new behind-the-scenes Deadpool 2 videos from Press Play's YouTube channel below.

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