Will Slash be revealed as a real-life mutant in Deadpool 2? As a joke? Perhaps. Guns N' Roses are currently on tour for their record breaking 'Not in This Lifetime Tour' and lead guitarist Slash stopped by the Vancouver, B.C set of Deadpool 2 to hang out with Josh Brolin. Guns N' Roses are set to play the BC Place Stadium tonight, which happens to be not very far from where Ryan Reynolds and Brolin are filming the sequel to Deadpool. Slash seems like the kind of guy who can do just about whatever he wants, so it's not entirely weird to see him on the set of a movie, but will he end up with a role in Deadpool 2?

The picture of the duo comes to us via Josh Brolin's Instagram page and features Slash wearing a Bewitched t-shirt and his trademark backwards baseball cap. Brolin does not appear to be in full Cable gear, but his hair is perfectly in place and there are definitely some Cable scars on his face along with a really happy grin to hang out with quite possibly the coolest rock star on the planet. Brolin noted his apparently over-sized head and his excitement to meet the iconic guitarist. Brolin had this to say.

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"Other than how stoked I am that I was born with the absolute largest skull in the Western Hemisphere, next comes the excitement that comes with the uber-talented, scruff mister Slash (and his lovely Meegan) visiting El Sarcastic and I on the set of Deadreservoir."

It appears as if Slash was just visiting the set since that's what Brolin said and because the guitarist was probably out killing time before soundcheck and taking in the sights of the city. Also, it seems highly unlikely that Brolin would ruin a surprise like that on social media. Slash will more than likely not being making an appearance in Deadpool 2, but you never know. Maybe Slash has a scene teaching a young Cable how to play the lead to "Estranged" on guitar before some time travel. Stranger things have happened.

It's unclear if the duo has met before, but Josh Brolin looks pretty excited to be taking a picture with Slash, leading one to believe that it's the first time that they had met. It's entirely possible that all of Guns N' Roses could make a cameo if the production of Deadpool 2 sets up some filming at the concert tonight. We'll have to keep our eyes peeled to see if Deadpool makes an appearance at the Guns N' Roses concert at the BC Place Stadium.

The production of Deadpool 2 seems to be right back on track after the tragedy of losing stuntwoman Joi Harris in a terrible on-set accident. Though Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, and Zazie Beetz made statements and paid tribute to the late stuntwoman through social media, this is the first post from the set since the accident occurred a few weeks ago. Deadpool 2 is currently in production in Vancouver, B.C. and still has the original release date of June 1st, 2018. Check out the picture of Slash and Brolin on the set below.