If you're going to do a big screen crossover, you might as well shoot for the stars. And there might not be a bigger crossover than having Spider-Man join forces with Wade Wilson in the officially confirmed Deadpool 2. While it's a long shot, just announced sequel director Tim Miller and producer Simon Kinberg are trying to find a way to make this happen. But will they succeed? Probably not.

Fox Home Entertainment recently held an exclusive press day for the release of Deadpool, coming to Blu-ray May 10. Joining in the festivities were director Tim Miller and producer Simon Kinberg. And they have long wanted to get Spider-Man and the Merc with the Mouth together on the big screen. About the idea, Miller had this to say.

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"Simon and I have been trying to build bridges."

Perhaps the idea isn't so far fetched. Just less than two years ago, no one thought they'd see Spider-Man swinging with the Avengers on te big screen. But that idea becomes a reality in next month's blockbuster sequel Captain America: Civil War. Sony and Marvel struck up a unique business relationship that will allow both studios to utilize the character. Producer Simon Kinberg hopes a similar deal can be struck between 20th Century Fox, Disney and Sony. And he claims he might have an ace in the hole. He explains.

"I would love to see it. Both of us are close with [Marvel's] Kevin [Feige], we respect and love Kevin. If it were even remotely possible, we will find a way 'cause we'd would love to see it."

While Simon Kinberg has shepherded the recent X-Men movie franchise to success, he's also been working with Disney on Star Wars Rebels, so he does have a foot in the door at both studios. He's also the one who finally convinced Fox to take a chance on the hugely successful Deadpool after the test footage went viral. But there is one small problem besides all the bureaucratic red tape. Spider-Man doesn't belong in an R-Rated movie, and probably will never find himself in one. Says Kinberg.

"I just don't know if it would be possible."

In the Marvel Comic Books, Spider-Man and Deadpool's relationship has proven to be quite popular with fans. And it's surely something fans would love to see come to fruition as a movie at some point. But that could be years away, when Ryan Reynolds is too old, and Tom Holland has out grown the part. Simon Kinberg doesn't rule out the fact that Deadpool 2 will have a surprise cameo that no one will see coming. He explains.

"My favorite comic books in the old days used to be like DC vs. Marvel, Teen Titans vs. the X-Men or Teen Titans vs. New Mutants. Justice League vs. the Avengers. This could be something like that."

It wasn't until earlier today that 20th Century Fox officially confirmed that Deadpool 2 is even happening. Tim Miller was officially announced as the director. Ryan Reynolds will be back for the sequel, as will writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. It's also been confirmed that Wade Wilson and X-Force leader Cable will be teaming up. No further characters or cast have been announced yet.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange