Shortly before the final Wolverine movie Logan hit theaters this past weekend, it was confirmed that there'd be a Deadpool 2 teaser attached to the film, which was well-received by fans. Over the weekend, an extended version was released, featuring a surprise cameo from Marvel legend Stan Lee, that wasn't featured in the theatrical cut. After this extended version landed online, Stan Lee took to social media to thank Ryan Reynolds for releasing this extended trailer and preserving his brief cameo appearance.

There had been reports that the iconic Stan Lee would appear in this trailer, which poked fun at Superman's telephone booth costume change. The teaser opens with Wade Wilson *(Ryan Reynolds), out of costume, walking down the street, when he sees an old man being robbed at gunpoint. Wade decides to spring into action, stating that this robbery is not going to happen on his watch, as he runs into a phone booth to change into his Deadpool costume. In the original theatrical version, it takes Wade a humorously long time to change into his costume, as we can hear the assailant and the old man arguing and struggling the whole time, before a gunshot goes off just as Wade has finished changing.

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In the theatrical version, the Merc With the Mouth runs out of the phone booth, only to find the armed assailant has disappeared, while the old man lies dead on the ground. In this new extended version, though, just as he runs out of the phone booth, Stan Lee is there on the street, telling Deadpool, "Wow, nice suit," with Deadpool responding "Zip it, Stan Lee". There is still footage that hasn't been seen, as Stan Lee's line, 'Aren't you Ryan Gosling?' Is still missing from the extended edition of the teaser. On Saturday afternoon, Stan Lee took to Twitter, to thank Ryan Reynolds for saving his cameo appearance. Here's what the Marvel legend had to say.

"Heard I was cut from the theatrical print. Thanks to @VancityReynolds for saving me from obscurity #KingofCameos"

Stan Lee didn't have a cameo in Logan either, which was quite surprising for most fans. Since Logan was so dark with a much more serious tone than other Marvel movies, it's possible that director James Mangold decided against using a Stan Lee cameo. Then again, Stan Lee didn't appear in any of the other stand alone Wolverine movies, 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine and 2013's The Wolverine, although he did have a cameo in last year's Deadpool, even though he had no hand in creating the character. It seems safe to assume that he'll have another cameo in the upcoming Deadpool sequel.

Last week, there were a number of reports that revealed the studio is currently casting the iconic Marvel character Cable, with Stranger Things star David Harbour reportedly testing for the role, with Deadpool comic book creator Rob Liefeld reaching out to Russell Crowe on Twitter, telling the actor he should read for the Cable role. Filming is expected to begin this summer, but it remains to be seen when a final decision will be made, as to who will portray Cable. While we wait for more on Deadpool 2, take a look at Stan Lee's tweet to Ryan Reynolds, which also includes the extended edition of this Deadpool 2 trailer.