Just over a week after a number of Twitter users claimed Deadpool 2 was testing poorly, a new report reveals the exact opposite, with the sequel landing a near-perfect score. Deadpool 2 has tested three times, with the first screening scoring a 91 and the second a 97. The final test, which was held in Dallas, featured two separate cuts of the movie, one scoring a 98 and the other scoring a 94. The original Deadpool tested at a 91, and went on to shatter box office records in February 2016, so it's possible that the sequel could be poised for a huge debut.

While there are no details about how the two cuts at the final test screening in Dallas were different, sources claimed the studio will be releasing the cut that scored a near-perfect 98. The crew of Deadpool 2 was also said to be in attendance at the final Dallas screenings, although no specific crew members were mentioned, so it isn't known if director David Leitch or writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were in attendance for these screenings or not. Regardless, a source who attended the screening that scored 98 described the atmosphere as, "electric" and compared it to "watching the Super Bowl."

No other specifics were released from the test screenings, where audiences are typically asked to rate aspects of the film on a scale from excellent, very good, good, fair, and poor. The audience members are also asked to conduct follow-up discussions and fill out questionnaires after watching the film. This screening comes after Deadpool underwent six days of reshoots last month, three fewer than the nine days of reshoots the original Deadpool went through, with this report also revealing there was a recent two-hour shoot in Los Angeles for a "secret cameo." There is no indication who this "secret cameo" may be yet, but it's possible we could find out between now and the May 18 release date.

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20th Century Fox had initially issued a June 1, 2018 date for Deadpool 2, putting it between Disney's Solo: A Star Wars Story and Warner Bros.' Ocean's Eight. Then in January, the studio pushed The New Mutants from April 13, 2018 to February 22, 2019, leading the studio to push Deadpool 2 back a bit from June 1, 2018 to May 18, 2018. Now it will face very little competition with Paramount's Book Club and Open Road Films' Show Dogs, while opening before Solo and after Universal's Breaking In, New Line's Life of the Party and Neon's Revenge. It's possible that Deadpool's shift may have lead to Marvel inexplicably moving Avengers: Infinity War from its plum May 4, 2018 date to April 27, 2018, giving it three weekends in a row without another superhero movie's debut.

Deadpool was projected to have modest success in February 2016, with many analysts predicting between a $40 million and $50 million opening weekend for the R-rated superhero movie. Instead it shattered records with a $132.4 million debut, the highest ever for an R-rated movie, and the highest for any movie in the month of February. It went on to earn $363 million domestic and $783.1 million worldwide, from a $58 million budget, so it will be interesting to see if Deadpool 2 can replicate the original's success. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news on the Deadpool 2 test screenings earlier today.