The new Deadpool 2 trailer features an Easter Egg from the Goonies and fans are loving it. 1985 was a long time ago and many don't remember that Josh Brolin was even in the movie, but Ryan Reynolds and the crew of Deadpool 2 clearly remember, as proven by the Easter Egg. Eagle-eyed viewers also noticed a little nod to famous positive artist Bob Ross during the scene where the Merc with a Mouth is playing with his action figures, which leads us to believe that there's going to be a lot of little secrets tucked away in the movie.

The Goonies Easter Egg is featured at the end of the Deadpool 2 trailer where Josh Brolin's Cable confronts Ryan Reynolds' Wade Wilson for the first time in the clip. The scene is funny on its own with some vulgar dialogue from Cable and Blind Al trying to aim her gun, but as a Twitter user spotted, Wade Wilson is sporting a shirt that looks an awful lot like Chunk's from Goonies, which Ryan Reynolds then confirmed.

The shirt in question is the iconic black Hawaiian shirt that Chunk wears throughout the Goonies and it appears as if Deadpool 2 either found the exact same shirt from 1985 or had one custom-made for our first look at Deadpool and Cable in the same scene. It's not clear at this time if anybody will make any jokes about Wade Wilson resembling Chunk, but it's not hard to imagine. The shirt with the Bob Ross painting are certainly making it look like we're going to see a lot of little secret jokes and gags throughout the still untitled Deadpool sequel.

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Most of the new trailer is focused on Josh Brolin's Cable and it leaves a lot more questions than answers, which is definitely a good thing. A lot of trailers seem to give away every plot detail crammed into a few minutes, leaving no surprises for when a movie hits theaters. However, there have been some concerns over the trailer already, with some fans calling out the look of Zazie Beetz's Domino and a few more who are actually concerned that we still don't have a full grip on what the story is about. Venom fans had the same problem until it was revealed that the movie was going to be based off of the Lethal Protector comic series.

Deadpool 2 hits theaters on May 18th and there's sure to be a treasure trove of Easter Eggs thrown in, which will lead to repeat viewings. Josh Brolin has yet to publicly comment on the Goonies reference, but one can imagine he enjoyed it. Over the summer, the actor went to a costume party dressed as his Goonies character Brand. There's also some references to Infinity War's big bad Thanos, who Josh Brolin also plays, so expect a lot of fourth wall goofs in Deadpool 2. You can check out the first person to spot the Goonies Easter Egg below, from Ryan Parker's Twitter account.

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