About a year ago, the classic X-Men villain Juggernaut was rumored to appear as a villain in Deadpool 2. Since then, an appearance from the Juggernaut has become less and less likely, but that all changed when the latest TV Spot seemingly revealed the villain to be in the movie after all.

Rumors about Juggernaut's role in Deadpool 2 first surfaced when actor Jack Kesy, who was confirmed to be playing an unrevealed villain, was spotted on set supposedly wearing a costume similar to that of Juggernaut in the comics. However, recent reports based on the movie's test screenings claimed that a popular villain from the comics was being cut from the movie. Most people assumed that this cut villain was Juggernaut, leading fans to lose all hope that the villain would appear in the final cut of the movie.

All of these rumors and speculations changed, though, upon the release of the movie's latest TV Spot. This bit of promotion included a brief, half-a-second shot of Colossus punching something that appeared to be the Juggernaut's helmet. Though the shot was very short, people were quick to point out that whatever it was that Colossus punched, it did not move as a result of the hit. This would make sense if it ended up being Juggernaut, as his super power is that, once he starts moving, nothing can stop him from continuing in motion. Thus, a punch from Colossus would have no effect on the mutant villain if he was already moving.

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While the brevity of this moment was not much to go off of, it is a glimmer of hope for those who have wanted to see Juggernaut return to the big screen. While Juggernaut is not likely to be the primary antagonist of the movie, as early predictions claimed, it is very possible that we will see him appear as a minor villain in the movie, possibly working as a mercenary for Cable in order to take on Deadpool's X-Force.

Juggernaut previously appeared in the X-Men franchise in X-Men: The Last Stand, where he was portrayed by Vinnie Jones. Unfortunately, most fans were not pleased with this portrayal of the character, as it really did not do justice for the beloved villain. Juggernaut was also in the early drafts of the script for X-Men: Days of Future Past, but he was replaced by Quicksilver after director Bryan Singer discovered that the speedster superhero was set to appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron. It was a decision made out of spite that ultimately paid off for the series, with Quicksilver now being one of the X-Men's most popular characters. Regardless, it showed that redeeming Juggernaut was on the table at FOX.

If the shot from the latest Fox released spot does turn out to be Juggernaut, then a lot of long-term X-Men fans are sure to be relieved. Hopefully Deadpool 2 does justice for the classic villain, as fans have been anxious for a proper portrayal of Juggernaut for a long time now. Whether or not Juggernaut does actually appear, Deadpool 2 will nevertheless be an entertaining addition to the X-Men universe.

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