Have you ever thought that it might be cool to be friends with Deadpool? While it may not be a real-life friendship, you can have a very real social media friendship with the Merc With a Mouth, assuming you're the one that's picked to be his new follow on Twitter. Yes, the official Deadpool movie Twitter account is taking suggestions for who the account is going to follow next and that means, if you throw your hat in the ring, you could be friends with Deadpool on Twitter.

Currently, the account only follows one person on Twitter, which just so happens to be the official Hello Kitty account. Looking to expand upon this, the official account for the upcoming Deadpool 2 decided to ask the world of Twitter for some follow suggestions, taking in the advice of the Hello Kitty account. How this account is going to be chosen remains a mystery, but given the history of the marketing team behind the Deadpool movies, they're going to make a show of it. Here's what the account had to say in their announcement about this social media friend hunt.

"The one person I follow on Twitter says 'You can never have too many friends!' Guess it's time to +1 the ol' @Twitter following. Any suggestions? #BeDeadpools2nd"

Never let it be said that the folks behind Deadpool and Deadpool 2 don't know how to find creative ways to call attention to their movies. This is a pretty brilliant way to get a lot of engagement from fans with nothing more than a tweet. And, depending on who the account ultimately chooses to follow, it could wind up being another amazing piece of marketing for the upcoming sequel. Imagine if they get Ryan Reynolds to dress up in costume and interview the person who the account winds up following? That's just an idea, but you see where this could get a lot more fun before it's over.

This isn't the only fun that the Deadpool 2 team has had on social media lately. During the Super Bowl, the official account for the movie had quite a bit of fun live tweeting the massive sporting event. Ryan Reynolds has also been busy, having recently shared an image of Wade Wilson painting Josh Brolin's Cable as his character from The Goonies in honor of the actor's birthday. This comes shortly after the Deadpool 2 trailer was released, which actually contains a Goonies Easter egg.

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Deadpool 2 is just a few months away from its May 18, release date and, unlike the first movie, this is one is still largely a mystery. Sure, we know Cable, Domino and quite possibly most of the X-Force are going to be in it, but the finer details, like an official title, haven't yet been revealed. Still, this is making for yet another very entertaining marketing campaign so far. If you want to be the Deadpool Movie Twitter account's new friend, you can head on over to Twitter and suggest yourself, or anyone else you think might fit the bill.

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