It's hard to believe, but Deadpool 2 is only a few weeks away from hitting theaters, which means that the promotional campaign is currently in full swing. A new clip has been released that features Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool and Zazie Beetz's Domino trying to stop Josh Brolin's Cable in a tense chase scene. As one would come to expect, the new Deadpool 2 clip is full of action as well as comedy with the Merc with a Mouth in chase mode on his little red scooter.

Cable makes a giant leap in the latest clip to be released from Deadpool 2, and it looks like he has the upper hand in the scene. Wade Wilson misses the mark when attempting to leap from his scooter while Cable seems unphased by Domino's distraction. All of the shots were first teased when set photos from downtown Vancouver were leaked online last summer. Josh Brolin and his stunt double were shown jumping on the vehicle in question while using safety ropes.

In other Deadpool 2 news, Ryan Reynolds has stated that he doesn't think that there will be a Deadpool 3 because of the X-Force movies that are going to start filming this fall. Deadpool 2 has already introduced much of the X-Force and the movies will feature Domino as well as Cable along with Deadpool and the new group of mutants. Shatterstar, Zeitgeist, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Colossus, Bedlam, and Pete. Colossus isn't confirmed, but it seems that the character will more than likely join Wade Wilson and his new collection of mutants when the time arrives.

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Ryan Reynolds also recently revealed that Fox made him take out a joke about Disney from the final cut of Deadpool 2. The actor wouldn't say what the joke was, but one can imagine that it had to do with the possible merger of Disney and Fox. Reynolds admits that he was angry about taking the joke out at first, though now he says that it was probably for the best. For Fox to ask him to take the joke out means that it must have been pretty bad, especially since we've seen some pretty twisted stuff from the Merc with a Mouth during this promotional campaign for Deadpool 2 over the past several weeks.

Deadpool 2 hits theaters on May 18th, which as previously noted, is only a few weeks away. The long-awaited sequel had some drama during the production process as well as some rumors of bad test screenings in the post-production. Though, nothing has been officially confirmed by the studio pertaining to the test screenings. When it comes down to it, it's a Deadpool movie. Fans pretty much know what they're going to be in for right from the start and that's what makes the franchise so fun to begin with.

Kevin Burwick