It was a little over a year ago that Deadpool was released and effectively changed the comic book movie game entirely. With all of the talk of superhero fatigue and things of that nature, the fact that a very non-traditional, ultraviolent, R-rated, vulgar movie that was more a love story than anything else wound up being one of the biggest hits of 2016 said a lot. Luckily the movie was great and it worked out very well for Fox, because that means we are getting a sequel next year in the form of Deadpool 2.

Ryan Reynolds had been trying to get Deadpool made for the better part of a decade, but Fox was hesitant to pull the trigger. At the time, perhaps understandably so. The only other onscreen appearance that Wade Wilson made was in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and that is considered by many to be the worst movie in the X-Men franchise. That said, a lot of that had to do with the fact that the character of Deadpool was treated so poorly and mishandled in that movie. Still, from the studio's perspective, making a movie centered on a character that audiences didn't take to in the movie he appeared in was a risk. Luckily, they eventually took that risk. Now we are getting Deadpool 2, and assuming that does well, which it almost certainly will, many other movies featuring the Merc With a Mouth will surely follow.

Fox has every reason to believe that Deadpool 2 will do well. The successes of the first movie have been discussed heavily, but they really are worth talking about. Not only was the movie a surprise critical success, boasting an 84 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with an even more impressive 90 percent audience rating. But it is the box office take that really makes Deadpool such a landmark movie. On a budget of just $58 million, Deadpool grossed $783 million worldwide. For a movie Fox was very unsure about making in the first place, that is truly impressive.

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However, with success comes pressure. Since the audience and critics really took to Deadpool, there is tremendous pressure for Deadpool 2 to at least match, if not surpass the quality of the first. That is a tall order and it seems like the creative team seems to understand that. They will be delivering the movie in a reasonably timely manner, but they definitely aren't rushing things. As impatient as we all are feeling, that is probably for the best.

With Deadpool 2 set to invade theaters next year, we are not all that far away from some more Wade Wilson action. Even though the plot details for the movie are being kept under wraps, we actually know quite a bit about the highly-anticipated sequel. So here's everything we know about Deadpool 2.

Ryan Reynolds will return as Wade Wilson.

Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson in <strong><em>Deadpool 2</em></strong>

As was proven in the first Deadpool, it would be impossible to make Deadpool 2 without Ryan Reynolds. The man championed the project for more than a decade and, when he finally got the opportunity, he knocked it out of the park. And even putting it that way may be a bit of an understatement. Since the movie was a truly massive success, Fox has locked him down for several future installments and this franchise is officially on his back. So, we will see Ryan Reynolds back in the red suit as the Merc With a Mouth in Deadpool 2, but there is much more to his role than just spending a lot of time on screen. This is more his movie than anyone else's, no matter who is directing it and no matter which bigwigs at Fox are involved in the decision making process. He has been working hard on the movie during every step of the process so far, from producing to casting and everything in between. He is not taking this lightly. There is a lot of pressure for Deadpool 2 to succeed and a very hefty amount of that pressure rests squarely on the shoulders of Ryan Reynolds. Maximum effort.

David Leitch is directing.

<strong><em>Deadpool 2</em></strong> director

There are a lot of people who contributed to the success of Deadpool, but director Tim Miller was easily one of the biggest factors that can be attributed to that success. He was one of the core members of the team trying to get the movie off the ground for a very long time before Fox finally gave the go ahead. Sadly, he departed Deadpool 2 late last year over "creative differences," so someone had to step in and take over that very important position. That man is David Leitch. While he may not be a household name, the man has the resume for the job. He co-directed John Wick, which is easily one of the best action movies to come along in the last decade or so. He also has done a ton of second unit directing on movies like Captain America: Civil War, so he knows how to handle a large scale production. It may be a bummer for some that Tim Miller isn't coming back, but bringing in some fresh blood and a fresh perspective could help prevent Deadpool 2 from being a rehash of the first movie. Like it or not, David Leitch is the man in the director's chair, but this feels like a positive thing.

Ryan Scott