Ryan Reynolds shared a new Deadpool 2 poster in the style of Where's Waldo?, featuring a bunch of Easter Eggs and a virtual history of the X-Men on the big screen. A new trailer for Deadpool 2 has just been released and the marketing campaign for the May 18th release has been kicked into high gear, which means that Ryan Reynolds has been doing his fair share to promote the sequel on social media and will more than likely continue to do so until the movie is released. The new poster is the latest in the Easter Egg-themed promotional material for Deadpool 2.

Ryan Reynolds posted the new Deadpool 2 poster on his Instagram account with a caption that reads, "I like eggs three ways: scrambled, poached or hidden." And there's a lot of stuff hidden in this new Where's Waldo-themed poster. The Merc with a Mouth is pretty easy to spot since he's wearing bunny ears and Josh Brolin's Cable is right behind him. Blind Al is driving a semi-truck while Dopinder seems to be in trouble with his cab flipped. Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus are pretty easy to spot, as is Weasel.

The poster throws in a bunch of famous X-Men characters from over the years as well. Storm can be seen on top of the truck that Blind Al is driving while Magneto and Jubilee are also clearly seen. Patrick Stewart's Xavier can be seen chasing James McAvoy's hairy version of the character with a pair of scissors and a Deadpool 2 poster or anything having to do with the X-Men and Deadpool wouldn't be complete without Wolverine in attendance, so he's pretty easy to spot as well. James Marsden and Famke Janssen as Phoenix and Cyclops, respectively, are spotted together as well.

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Beast is also shown and so is Mystique, but Beast looks to be sitting next to Belle from Beauty and the Beast while Mystique is in a scuffle. The Deadpool 2/Where's Waldo poster is incredibly detailed and will give Marvel fans some fun while looking to see if they can spot all of the characters hidden in the hunt. Hopefully these posters end up getting made and put up in theaters ahead of the release, letting fans see them in all of their glory.

As previously mentioned, Deadpool 2 crashes into theaters on May 18th, which is a few weeks after Infinity War and a week ahead of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Initial tracking for the sequel has it earning lower than first movie, but that's to be expected since it's coming out in a prime summer release date. The first movie came out in February and didn't have any real competition, which is the complete opposite this time around. Regardless, Deadpool 2 will earn some big cash at the box office this summer, but it will have a lot more competition. You can check out the new Deadpool 2 poster below, and see how many characters you can spot, thanks to Ryan Reynolds' Instagram account.

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