Deadpool 2 has arrived in theaters and it's loaded down with lots of surprises for fans. The general moviegoing public felt quite a bit of impatience in regards to seeing a sequel to Deadpool, as the movie took a lot of people by surprise and won over audiences around the world. While Hugh Jackman has hung up the claws as Wolverine following Logan, many hoped that maybe we would see some sort of cameo in Deadpool 2. So, does Wolverine show up?

Warning: massive spoilers ahead for Deadpool 2. Seriously, this gets to the heart of some of the biggest stuff hiding for fans in this movie, so if you haven't seen it, turn back now. The simple answer to this question is yes. Kind of. It's complicated. The short of it is, we do see Hugh Jackman as Wolverine on screen in the movie during the post-credits scene. Wade Wilson is also seen with a statue of a dead Wolverine from the end of Logan during the opening scene of the movie. But as for Jackman's actual on-screen appearance, let's dig into that just a bit more.

This is not actually something new that they filmed with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. The scene comes from the famously loathed X-Men: Origins - Wolverine. This is the movie where Deadpool was initially introduced. Ryan Reynolds was still playing the character at the time, but it was nothing like the version, which is much more true to the comics, that we've seen in these last two movies. Reynolds famously wasn't happy with what he ended up doing in the X-Men prequel. The character is called the Merc With a Mouth and they sewed his mouth shut. He has every reason to be upset.

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So, during the post-credits scene, Deadpool gets a hold of Cable's time-traveling device and decides to "clean up the timeline." The X-Men movies do have a famously messy timeline. Part of this involves him traveling to the events of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and killing the version of Deadpool that Wolverine and Sabretooth fight at the end of the movie. Hugh Jackman's Wolverine looks on as Wade Wilson does this and just stands there in disbelief. So yes, Wolverine is there but it appears as though they just used footage that already existed and didn't have to film anything new.

That said, Hugh Jackman was thanked in the credits of Deadpool 2, for whatever that may be worth. In any case, even if it wasn't much, the proper version of Deadpool was finally on screen with Wolverine in a pretty epic way. It doesn't sound like we're ever going to get a full movie with both of them in it, unless Ryan Reynolds and Fox can work some serious magic, which doesn't seem likely. So for now, this is going to have to do. At least this helped make up for the sins of X-Men: Origins and almost made that movie's existence worthwhile, if only just to have this one awesome scene.

Ryan Scott