It's been a rough week for Deadpool 2, 20th Century Fox's highly-anticipated superhero sequel, with original Deadpool director Tim Miller parting ways with the project. While there has been some dispute as to why the filmmaker left, the studio still needs to find a replacement, although it isn't clear who that may be yet. While we wait for a new director to be hired, new details have surfaced about Deadpool 2's working title. reports that, when Deadpool 2 actually goes into production, it will be using the secret working title "Love Machine." The site speculates that this could very well be an inside joke referring to the new character Cable, who was confirmed to be part of the sequel during the Deadpool post-credits sequence. Ironically, it may have been this character that lead Tim Miller to bail on the project in the first place.

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Earlier this week, reports surfaced that both Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds disagreed on the casting of Cable, which helped contribute to the director leaving. The filmmaker reportedly wanted to cast Bloodline star Kyle Chandler as this character, while Ryan Reynolds and writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick didn't want him to come aboard. It is believed that the actor and writers thought Kyle Chandler was too young to play Cable, as he is typically portrayed as an older character in the comics.

Just yesterday, another report surfaced that claimed Tim Miller wanted to go for a big-budget sequel, seeking a budget three times higher than Deadpool's $58 million budget, with one source claiming that Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds had two completely different visions for the movie. Ryan Reynolds reportedly received a big pay raise that also includes casting approval and other aspects of creative control over the sequel.

While we don't know who will direct the sequel yet, there has been a petition formed to get maverick filmmaker Quentin Tarantino to direct Deadpool 2. Quentin Tarantino hasn't responded to the petition, but if he would sign on, it would mark his first ever superhero movie. Just before Tim Miller left Deadpool 2, we reported that the studio has six actresses on their short list to play Domino, Lizzy Caplan, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Sienna Miller, Sofia Boutella, Stephanie Sigman and Sylvia Hoeks. It remains to be seen when a casting decision will be made for Domino, or when Tim Miller's replacement may be found.