If there is someone to blame for the Deadpool 3 delay, it's Marvel Studios. This, according to Rob Liefeld, who co-created the Merc With a Mouth for Marvel Comics. It has seemed like Disney and Marvel are committed to keeping Ryan Reynolds on board as Deadpool following the merger with Fox last year, but there has been little to no official movement on another movie since the deal was finalized. As Liefeld tells it, this is squarely on Marvel's shoulders.

With the Disney/Fox merger, the Deadpool rights, as well as the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises, went to Disney, meaning they are firmly in the hands of Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios. During a recent interview, Rob Liefeld addressed Deadpool 3, and he didn't sound overly optimistic about it. Here's what Rob Liefeld had to say.

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"I blame Marvel...blame Marvel that that hasn't happened yet. They are the reason it isn't happening. Whatever conundrum or it didn't fit into your master plan, just commission it. Okay, commission it. You know if Frank Frazetta was still around, you would say, 'Frank paint for me.'"

Ryan Reynolds recently said that he sees Infinite possibilities for Deadpool, bet it as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or as its own thing. Reynolds has also made playful jokes about the famously R-rated character being part of the Disney family. But Disney comes with baggage. Can an R-rated character fit into the MCU? How does Deadpool 3 fit into the studio's larger plans? Speaking further, Rob Liefeld touched on that as well.

"If Ryan is making Deadpool 3 right now, that's because Marvel hasn't allowed it to be yet and that's all I'm saying. So, do I have a lot of faith in that system? Dude, I have no idea. So this is where I'm not that, I'm not giving you the answers you want. I'm like yeah, yeah. Look if it happens, terrific... How old am I gonna be when that happens? And literally I used to be like, yeah, Mark Ruffalo, Hulk and Deadpool would make for a funny movie right? But, none of these guys are getting younger, right okay?"

One bit of doubt comes from Marvel's already full schedule}. Phase 4 will run into 2022, with Phase 5 kicking off that year as well. Black Widow will kick off Phase 4 in November, with Thor: Love and Thunder closing it out in February 2022. The earliest Phase 5 date Marvel Studios has available is in October 2022. That means it would be more than two years before Deadpool 3 could arrive, in theory, if it is going to be in the MCU.

The other problem, as Rob Liefeld puts it, is these actors aren't getting any younger. Ryan Reynolds is 43 right now. Granted, Hugh Jackman played Wolverine until he was in his late 40s, but that does possibly put something of a clock on it, in Liefeld's view. This news comes to us via Comicbook.com.