For Deadpool fans, the arrival of the Merc' with the Mouth in the MCU cannot come soon enough. With Disney playing coy with details about Deadpool's entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans have been making their own art imagining such a scenario. One such piece of Deadpool 3 fanart was recently shared on Twitter with the message, "WE NEED IT RIGHT NOW", to which Ryan Reynolds replied with a simple "Ditto."

The artwork is a reimagining of a poster from Free Guy starring Ryan Reynolds. It depicts Wade Wilson in his Deadpool costume strolling down the street, with a glass bowl holding the decapitated head of Thanos by his side. In the background, the world is running amok, with Hugh Jackman's Wolverine showing up in two different places, Peter from Deadpool 2 skydiving into the middle of everything, the infinity gauntlet lying on the street,and the Avengers tower visible in the background. Iron Man, Cable, and Spider-Man are also part of the mayhem.

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Amusingly, Hugh Jackman also gave his blessing to the topsy-turvy world the artwork depicts, although he couched his praise in a style befitting his long-running mock-feud with Reynolds.

"Hello Lawyer. Please issue a cease and desist to @VancityReynolds for the blatant misuse of my likeness - as well as $610M for pain and suffering."

After the success of the first two Deadpool films, fans thought it would only be a matter of time until Reynolds showed up in the MCU. But the current Marvel film slate has no mention of Deadpool 3, and in previous interviews, the creator of the character, Rob Liefeld, had appeared very pessimistic of the chances of a third movie about Deadpool being made by Disney.

"I can't gloss it up. You want to know the plan with Deadpool right now? [Marvel has] a goose egg, zero, zero. I'm not really that crazy about Marvel's plan right now. It's the first time I go, 'Hey, [Kevin] Feige, did you even have a plan? Your plan was 'Eternals' and 'Shang-Chi'? That was your plan? And Black Widow?' So they close the door, Chris Evans says goodbye, Robert Downey Jr. says goodbye, Black Widow falls off a cliff says goodbye, they almost lose [Spider-Man actor] Tom Holland to Sony... but you're a genius, Marvel, you're geniuses."

After Disney acquired Fox and all the Marvel characters the latter company had owned, Reynolds appeared optimistic about joining the MCU under the mouse empire, claiming it would allow his franchise room to grow in a bigger sandbox.

But there have been rumors that Disney does not quite know what to do with Deadpool and his R-rated sensibilities. The MCU is also famously strict about its continuity and interconnectivity of various superhero movies, something that Deadpool has repeatedly mocked in his films. There is a feeling in certain sections that Deadpool is just not a good match for the PG-13 MCU, and might be kept separate, or possibly not even get any new films, despite the popularity of the character.