Marvel's Infinity War was always destined to be a hit at the box office, but the massive success has taken a few people by surprise, including Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds. The actor took to social media to congratulate the movie for its huge opening weekend and also shared Deadpool's rejection letter from Tony Stark. Infinity War has beat the North American record for biggest 3-day opening and absolutely shattered the worldwide record with an astounding $630 million, even without the help of China.

To celebrate the incredible success of Infinity War, Ryan Reynolds took to Instagram to congratulate the Avengers. Reynolds said, "From a guy who never knows when to quit, I'm glad you guys never did. Congrats Avengers," while posting an image of some Tums, a dumbbell, and a letter from Tony Stark. The letter is a rejection from Stark after Deadpool tried out for the team. It says absolutely not, while telling the Merc with a Mouth to go bother Professor X.

Ryan Reynolds is a part of the Marvel team, but not the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though that may change in the next several months if the Disney and Fox deal goes through. However, even if the deal goes through, Deadpool will more than likely not end up making cameos in the MCU. But, stranger things have happened and Disney's Bob Eiger has said in the past that they are open to discussing an R-rated universe for the MCU that could possibly include the Merc with a Mouth. Wade Wilson on the same screen as the Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor seems like a pretty good fit.

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Besides the Marvel connection, the upcoming Deadpool 2 shares an actor with Infinity War. Josh Brolin, who plays Thanos, also plays Cable in the upcoming sequel. This is definitely the summer of Brolin thanks to those two Marvel movies. Thanos is the main character in Infinity War and has a huge part to play in the movie, while Cable takes on a villainous role in Deadpool 2 before becoming a member of X-Force. If that wasn't enough, Josh Brolin is also starring in Sicario 2, which comes out later this summer.

Infinity War has shattered expectations at the box office this weekend, passing up The Force Awakens to become the highest grossing North American debut in history as well as surpassing the Fate of the Furious on the worldwide stage. The culmination of 10 years of MCU movies has shattered records and will more than likely keep going until Deadpool 2 and Solo: A Star Wars Story hit theaters later next month. If Deadpool is heaping praise, you know it's a big deal and he wasn't even allowed to join the Avengers. You can check out Deadpool's rejection letter from Tony Stark below, thanks to Ryan Reynolds' Instagram account.

Kevin Burwick