Deadpool is one character whose fourth wall breaking abilities and irreverent attitude has made him the perfect mouthpiece for comic writers wishing to poke fun at pop culture in general and comic book culture in particular. In his latest comic offering, Deadpool: The end #1, the Merc with the Mouth goes after DC Comics and the kind of movies they like to make:

James Gunn just declared that there is no Marvel vs. DC war going on. But the first panel here shows Deadpool mimicking the look of The Bat Who Laughs, the latest infamous villain in DC Comics, who is actually the Bruce Wayne of an alternate reality who got sprayed by Joker's madness toxin and became a villain.

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Deadpool is also shown shouting self-consciously cynical and nihilistic slogans about life having no meaning, a clear reference to Zack Snyder's run with the DCeU, which emphasized a bleak and depressing take on DC Comic characters in an effort to present the appearance of them being mature and deep films.

Even Todd Phillips' Joker Movie gets a shoutout from Deadpool, in his 'We live in a society' comment. Thor, meanwhile, is sitting on the edge of the roof in much the same way as Batman and appears to be going through his own angsty DC hero phase as he muses on how unworthy humanity is.

In a final jab at DC, Deadpool gets cosmic powers and reboots his entire reality, in much the same way that DC frequently reboots their comics, even referring to the current faulty reality as 'Defective Comics'. Clearly, Deadpool is not impressed by DC's storytelling talents. In fact, he had already made a reference to DC movies being too dark in his second live-action film, when he questioned whether Cable is actually from the DCverse since he is so dark and brooding.

Of course, the comic ending is not as simple as Deadpool getting to rewrite all of reality on his own. In fact, the entire issue takes place in the future and is billed as the final Deadpool story, a continuation of the The End series which saw other Marvel characters also being showcased in their final tales.

Deadpool, being Deadpool, gets not one but multiple possible endings, with one of them being as bizarre a happy ending as you would expect for Wade Wilson, when he gets back together with his old flame, Lady Death, the literal embodiment of death in the Marvel Universe.

The events depicted in the comic have not taken place yet in Deadpool's present, and may not take place at all. That means he has not technically yet made fun of DC movies, and may not do so at all. But whatever the timeline status of the character itself, the writers over at Marvel have used the issue to make it abundantly clear that they are keeping an eye on all that is going on over at DC with their movies and Villain of the Year comic storyline and the incessant reboots.

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