Mutants seem to be unstoppable with the news from earlier today that there would be a sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine - which is now joined by the news that there will in fact be a solo film for Ryan Reynolds in the role of Wade Wilson/Deadpool. The news came from a source in Fox studios to MTV, and confirms that Deadpool will get a solo film, also produced by Lauren Shuler Donner and Marvel.

The Deadpool movie will be an exploration of the character's background, and how he goes from being a part of the Weapon X project seen in Wolverine to becoming the mask-wearing Merc with the Mouth known to be a fan-favorite with readers of the X-Men comics.

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Fox is reportedly looking for a writer and director for the film at the present, but Reynolds is expected to return to the role. This should come as no surprise to fans who had been clamoring to see Reynolds play the character for years, nor should it come as surprise to the long list of influential people who have spoken in favor of Reynolds for the role, including Reynolds himself, Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld and Fox Chairman Tom Rothman.

Deadpool is known as "the merc with a mouth," a character that under Reynolds lived up to his billing in Wolverine until the end, when the movie deviated from the comic book persona, imbuing him with several superpowers and sewing his mouth shut.

It is understood that Reynolds would regain the ability to mouth off, with the movie going back to the roots of the character known for his slapstick tone and propensity to break the fourth wall. The character also was disfigured in Wolverine though it's unclear at this time how much the studio would want to mess with Reynolds' handsome mug.

Whether the Deadpool film will follow in the footsteps of the hidden ending for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, or if it will go off in a different direction, it is currently too early to say. But you can expect SuperheroFlix and MovieWeb to keep our ears to the ground to bring you the latest news about Deadpool as it becomes available.