While many fans are expecting to see Deadpool at Comic-Con tomorrow, during 20th Century Fox's Hall H panel, the superhero adaptation has recently added a new cast member. Actress Leslie Uggams confirmed on her personal website that she has been cast as Blind Al in the superhero movie. The casting has yet to be confirmed by the studio, but the character could have an important role in Deadpool.

In the Marvel Comics, Althea, a.k.a. Blind Al, occasionally lives with Deadpool in his San Francisco abode known as "the Deadhut." She was formerly a U.K. intelligence officer who fought alongside Captain America in World War II. At one point, when Wade Wilson was a mercenary, before the Weapon X program, he was tasked with killing Blind Al in Zaire, but ended up killing everyone else but her. After the Weapon X program, when he turns into Deadpool, he kidnaps her, which begins their bizarre relationship, and even though she's technically his prisoner, she's one of the few people he can confide in.

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There were previous casting reports that Deadpool wasseeking an African-American woman between the ages of 60 and 80. Although Blind Al has always been white in the comics, most fans assumed the casting call was for that role, which has apparently now been filled by the 72-year-old Leslie Uggams, who is best known for playing Kizzy Reynolds in Roots. And she most recently starred in a three-episode arc on Nurse Jackie.

In related news, Ed Skrein recently spoke about his Ajax character, revealing that he doesn't think the character is evil, just misunderstood.

"I think the rest of the world sees him as a bad guy. Me, I think he's just misunderstood. His name is Ajax; or Francis. He went through the same Weapon X program as Wolverine and Deadpool. His superpowers are that he feels nothing. He feels no pain, but also psychologically what's interesting is that there's huge parts of his mind which is missing. The social responsibilities and all those things, so it's a very interesting character. He really doesn't feel that much, so I suppose he's a sociopath in the truest sense."

We'll be sure to keep you posted about Deadpool if it does, in fact, have a presence at 20th Century Fox's Comic-Con panel. What do you think about these new details? Chime in with your thoughts below.