/deadpool-movie-cast-weasel-tj-miller/Earlier in the week, Deadpool star T.J. Miller teased the fact that he might be playing comedic relief and sidekick Weasel in 20th Century Fox's big screen adaptation of the popular Marvel comic. Now, the comedian, known for his roles in HBO's Silicon Valley and last summer's mega-sequel Transformers: Age of Extinction, has confirmed what many have believed for quite some time. He is, in fact, playing this very role.

T.J. Miller once again used his personal Twitter account to make his role official. He also lets everyone know that he has arrived in Vancouver as shooting is about to begin very soon. And he makes sure the world knows that he is drinking plenty of Underberg, an alcoholic digestif bitter that is usually consumed after a heavy meal. Does it have a Deadpool connection? We're not sure.

Weasel is the fourth confirmed Marvel character that will be appearing in the highly anticipated movie. Along with Weasel and Deadpool, we'll also be getting Gina Carano as Angel Dust, and a new take on X-Men character Colosuss, though no actor has been cast for that role yet. Morena Baccarin is starring as the film's female lead, though her exact character has yet to be revealed.

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Weasel is an an information broker and an arms dealer who fills many roles in Wade Wilson's life as Deadpool. His first appearance in a Marvel comic was 'Deadpool: The Circle Chase #1', which was published in 1993, with 2015 marking the character's 25th Anniversary. He is known for his frequent mood swings and tenuous mental state. Because of this, Wade often abuses and mistreats him, a theme which will likely run through the movie as well. Check out T.J. Miller's tweet:

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