Heading into Comic-Con this week, there were several clues that the 20th Century Fox Hall H panel would include Deadpool. Rob Liefeld, who created the comic book series, revealed on his social media platforms that he was holding a scavenger hunt, hiding original sketches of The Merc With the Mouth all around San Diego. And just a few days ago, Ryan Reynolds himself posted a photo of Deadpool trying to hitch a ride to SDCC. Sure enough, Deadpool was featured as the fourth movie in 20th Century Fox's five-film presentation, which also included The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, Victor Frankenstein, Fantastic Four and the closing presentation X-Men: Apocalypse. After a hilarious opening sequence, Ryan Reynolds took the stage, starting off by addressing the fact that the footage leaked from Hall H last year is largely what got the movie green lit.

"One year ago, almost to the day, some asshole in here leaked that footage, and that's why we're standing here today. (Director) Tim Miller were sitting back there, just shaking our heads in awe, going, 'How did we get here?' It was you guys, the Internet, fans, you guys made the studio do this. You bent their arms behind their backs, twisted their friggin necks, and here we are."

Morena Baccarin (Vanessa), T.J. Miller (Weasel), Brianna Hildebrand (Negasonic Teenage Warhead), Ed Skrein (Ajax), Gina Carano (Angel Dust) were then brought out onto the stage along with Tim Miller, for the Q&A session, where Tim Miller thanked fans for committing to the character, helping them get a hard-R rating, with Ryan Reynolds adding, "No matter what the rating though, babies will love this." When asked what kind of version of The Merc with the Mouth fans should expect, Ryan Reynolds had this to say.

"It's everything that we loved about the comics. It's a guy that's obviously going to break the fourth wall, and this is just my opinion, but it's the most faithful adaptation of a super suit from a comic to a movie that I've ever seen. We have to have the Merc With the Mouth. The mouth is not, at any point in the film, sewn shut. You have the guy who is doing the best to annoy the living shit out of everyone around him, 24/7."

Along with Deadpool, there are a number of other X-Men spinoffs in various stages of development, including Gambit (October 7, 2016), Wolverine 3 (March 3, 2017) and X-Force, which Jeff Wadlow is writing and possibly directing. During the panel, Ryan Reynolds was asked about the possibility of popping up in X-Force, and here's what he had to say.

"I'd love to see him in X-Force. I think you'd have to be pretty judicious of how you use him in anything that's X-Men related just because you have a character that's meta, a character that breaks the fourth wall, that's self-aware. How does that fit into that world. It becomes a pretty fine line he's walking. You can probably find a way to utilize him but you'd have to be pretty judicious with him."

Director Tim Miller also praised writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, saying they deserved a lot of credit because it is, "bar none, the best script I've ever read." Gina Carano teased that her character Angel Dust has "anger issues," while Morena Baccarin teases that Vanessa gives Deadpool plenty of lip, "and not necessarily the talking kind." Ed Skrein teases that his character Ajax is somewhat responsible for giving Deadpool his powers, but he isn't exactly grateful. After the Q&A session, fans got to see the first official footage, which they liked so much they even demanded it be played again.

The footage starts with Wade Wilson and Vanessa, his girlfriend, embracing in a hospital, with Wilson trying to fight cancer, when he meets both Ajax and Angel Dust, who give Wade the opportunity to be cancer-free, and gain superpowers at the same time. He responds with a joke that takes a stab at Green Lantern, with Wade saying he'll only do it if the suit isn't green and computer-animated. From there we get what is essentially the official version of the test footage, with the Merc With the Mouth dropping into a moving SUV as a massive freeway action sequence ensues. There is also a Stan Lee cameo as a strip club MC, a reference to comic book creator Rob Liefeld and a joke Weasel dishes out at Wade's expense, calling him, "a testicle with teeth," to which Wade responds, "you look like Freddy Krueger f---ed a topographical map of Utah." The footage also includes a brief glimpse at Colossus, who is essentially "training" Brianna Hildebrand's Negasonic Teenage Warhead. If you haven't seen the leaked trailer yet, you can check it out below, along with a number of videos from the panel itself.

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