When production was under way in Vancouver last year on Deadpool, the superhero adventure had to close down a stretch of highway to film a massive action set piece where Ryan Reynolds' Merc With the Mouth dropped in on an unsuspecting SUV full of bad guys. Earlier today, Deadpool ended up halting traffic again in Ohio, but not in the way you'd expect. Fox 28 reports that a highway crash between two semi trucks left the road littered with brand new Deadpool comics.

The crash occurred in Madison County, Ohio on the southbound side of the I-71 freeway. At approximately 5 AM, a semi truck pulled over to the side of the highway because it had broken down. Roughly two hours later, at 7 AM, another semi truck crashed into the disabled vehicle, tearing open the trailer. The crash spilled dozens of cardboard boxes onto the road, some of which contained boxes of new Deadpool comic books. The driver of the disabled truck was asleep when the crash occurred, waiting for roadside assistance to come.

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The driver was transported to Mount Carmel South hospital to receive medical treatment. No details were given about what caused the second semi truck driver to crash into the disabled comic book transport. For those in the Ohio area, comic book distributor Diamond Comics Distributor confirmed that the accident may affect some customers in the area who are expecting the comic to go on sale February 24. Take a look at Diamond's official statement below.

"Dear Diamond Customer: As you may be aware, a truck carrying Diamond product from the Plattsburgh Distribution Center to the Olive Branch Distribution Center was involved in a serious accident that will delay some customer shipments of product on sale February 24. The driver was unhurt. Affected customers have been notified of the delay via a separate email. If you have not received that email, your shipment should arrive as scheduled. If you have additional questions regarding this advisory, please contact your Diamond Retailer Services Representative. Thank you."

Some suspect that this is a huge viral stunt, but that's simply not true. The hit movie Deadpool had nothing to with this crash. But it's possible that star Ryan Reynolds may address this in some way on his Twitter feed. Ironically, the movie did anything but crash at the box office, taking in $135 million on opening weekend, the biggest debut ever for an R-rated movie. You can take a look at Fox 28's news report about the crash below, along with photos that show some of these Deadpool strewn about the highway.


Deadpool Comics Crash 1
Deadpool Comics Crash 2
Deadpool Comics Crash 3