On the 8th day of Deadpool, Wade Wilson gave to me...A whole bunch of Merc Emojis! These come along with a new behind-the-scenes photo featuring a suited up Ryan Reynolds standing next to T.J. Miller, who plays his best friend Weasel. Deadpool has kept his holiday party going, and there is even more promised to drop in the next few hours.

Now, timed to Christmas, you and your loved ones can express yourself with Deadpool feelings ala mode. These cute little images of the deranged killer and Marvel anti-hero have a face for everything you're experiencing through the holiday season. From anger, to rage, to bliss, to pansexual pleasure. We also get Emojis of Colossus, Blind Al and...Kitties? To get these Emjois and use them today, visit Google Play or head over to iTunes.

The second Christmas stocking stuffer isn't actually an official part of the 12 Days of Deadpool campaign. Co-star T.J. Miller just wanted to get in on some of the fun. He does so by offering up a snapshot from his personal collection of on set photos. He's also using the occasion to pimp out his new road show, with the comedian currently on tour throughout the United States this December and January. To get dates and secure your place in line to see Weasel live, go to TJMillerDoesNotHaveaWebsite.com.

On Sunday, the 7th Day of Deadpool, we got a cool Christmas card from Wade Wilson remembering the year that had passed. Saturday was the 6th Day of Deadpool, which brought an action-packed page from the script. On the 5th Day of Deadpool, we got a brand new theatrical one sheet in honor of National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. The 4th day of Deadpool brought new photos from Empire Magazine which reveal the Merc's Christmas list and tease his big Empire Magazine cover. Before that, we also got a new theatrical style poster and viral video, naughty and nice Christmas photos with Ryan Reynolds, and a hand-drawn version of the Merc With the Mouth's battle plan! Here's what Deadpool had to say about the 12 Days of Deadpool.

"Hi, I'm Deadpool. The other guy in a red suit with a lap worth sitting on. I'm here to tell you happy holidays. In the spirit of this most festive time of year, I've decided to release my holiday cheer all over the world. How, you ask? Well, you naughty stocking stuffers, brace yourselves, because starting today, you're getting not one, not two, but twelve glorious days of Deadpool. So sit back, hold onto your ornaments, have a little egg nog...Well, at least that looks like egg nog...And prepare yourself, because it's time for Saint Wade to put the win in winter wonderland."

To play along with this online advent calendar, you'll have to continue getting up early every morning to open one of your favorite movie and entertainment websites. There are only 4 more days left! Later today, December 22, we'll get some sort of IMAX exclusive. On December 23, Ryan Reynolds will be sharing the delights of his upcoming adventure movie on his private social media channels. Christmas Eve will give us a trailer teaser. And it is all leading up to the big Trailer reveal on Christmas morning, which happens on ESPN.

Tim Miller makes his directorial debut with Deadpool, working from a script by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Deadpool has already been confirmed as part of the X-Men movie universe, but we'll have to wait and see how/if he will show up in future X-Men movies. Deadpool hits theaters on February 12, 2016, going up against Warner Bros.' How to Be Single and another highly-anticipated sequel, Paramount's Zoolander 2. You can take a look at all the Deadpool stocking stuffers that have been delivered so far right here.

<strong><em>Deadpool</em></strong> Emoji

<strong><em>Deadpool</em></strong> movie Poster

<strong><em>Deadpool</em></strong> Christmas Photo 1

<strong><em>Deadpool</em></strong> Christmas Photo 2

<strong><em>Deadpool</em></strong> Battle Plan

<strong><em>Deadpool</em></strong> Empire Poster

<strong><em>Deadpool</em></strong> Christmas List Photo


<strong><em>Deadpool</em></strong> Script Page

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