No one loves The Golden Girls more than Deadpool. And on this day, Wade Wilson is celebrating with two clever promo images that feature his superhero alter ego and the wonderful women who have given him so much joy over the years. Bea Arthur may have sadly passed away back in 2009, but that has never stopped her #1 fan from showing his appreciation. Now, the pair, along with the rest of the girls, are forever immortalized in the form of macrame dolls. Though, while the first photo is quite innocent, the second photo escalates Wade Wilson's love a little above and beyond the realm of good taste.

The Merc with the Mouth has had a fascination with Bea Arthur for years in the Marvel comics. And it's been a running gag to this day. The masked assassin has fallen hard for quite a few ladies over the years. But not like this. Bea Arthur is his one true love, and he proves that in the Deadpool movie by naming his swords after her. It only makes sense that the official Deadpool Twitter would pay tribute to The Golden Girls 30th Anniversary.

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On September 15, 1985, the very first episode of The Golden Girls aired, titled The Engagement. The series opened with Sophia (Estelle Getty), Dorothy's mother, moving in with Dorothy (Bea Arthur), Blanche (Rue McClanahan) and Rose (Betty White). Sophia had been staying at a retirement home, Shady Pines, but a fire broke out and the place burned down. Meanwhile, Blanche's latest boyfriend, Harry, proposes marriage. However, Rose, a grief counselor, has a bad feeling about their impending marriage. And it's been a favorite of Deadpool's ever since it debuted. Though, we don't know how many times he's watched it over the course of these past 30 years.

The first crafty photo was shown off on the official Deadpool Twitter, giving us a sly, very crass joke for those in the know. The second photo comes from Ryan Reynolds, who escalates things quite a bit. While Wade is seen snuggling in bed with Dorthy, Blanche and Rose, it's Dorothy who occupies Deadpool's left side alone. And Sophia obviously wants no part of the action, though she's not afraid to watch it all go down. The Bea Arthur/Deadpool relationship dates back to writer Fabian Nicieza's work on 'Deadpool & Cable', with the series often honoring the beauty of the late actress. It is a passion that has come back many times over the years.

Sometimes Deadpool hallucinates the The Golden Girls' star's image. And though his two swords are named Bea and Arthur in the movie, in the comics, members of the Deadpool Corps. named their ship after the iconic leading lady of Maude. This is the second time tweets from the movie have honored The Golden Girls. The classic sitcom will surely be referenced in the movie beyond Deadpool's deadly weapons. Though we're not sure to what extent they'll take it too next. Is it possible that the movie might resurrect Bea Arthur via CGI? Fox probably won't go that far. But for now, we do have these crafty photos to keep us entertained until the next bit of footage or latest photo hits. Take a look, and then celebrate with a few episodes of The Golden Girls tonight. Just be sure to check your local listings.

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