Over the past few days, the first critics screenings for Deadpool took place, and now that the reviews are in, this superhero adventure is already a critical hit. I personally had the pleasure of seeing this movie early, and while I can confirm that there is a post-credits scene at the very, very end of the movie, it seems that there is yet another scene that wasn't included in critics screenings. During an interview with Cinemablend, screenwriter Rhett Reese confirmed that a second "coda" was held back from early screenings, reserved for the theatrical release.

"They held back one particular, basically a second coda. They wanted to hold it back until February 11th, until the actual official movie is in the movies - so you can tease audiences that there's two codas and you haven't seen one of them."
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We first heard about the end credits sequence last month, after the first public screening during a fan event. No details were given about the scene that was shown at that screening, but the end credits scene I saw last week takes place at the very, very end of the movie. While I won't spoil what you'll see in this scene, I'll just say that it brings the movie to a close on a hilarious note. However, now that we know a second scene will be shown starting on opening weekend, many are wondering what this scene will entail.

Unfortunately, Rhett Reese and his writing partner Paul Wernick wouldn't divulge any details about the second scene, but it's likely this mystery sequence will be a mid-credits scene, since the other scene shows up at the very end. It's possible that this footage could offer a connection to the X-Men universe, perhaps even setting up this summer's X-Men: Apocalypse. However, that seems unlikely since that movie is set in the 1980s, and Deadpool is set in present day.

Do you have any theories about what this mystery Deadpool scene could feature? It's also possible that this scene could set up Deadpool 2, which 20th Century Fox is reportedly already developing, but we don't know for sure. Take a look at the tweets from Rhett Reese and Deadpool comic book creator Rob Liefeld, and stay tuned for more on Deadpool.