Last week, just before April Fools Day, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds revealed that he was "fighting the good fight" to get an R rating for his highly-anticipated comic book adaptation. Then, on April Fools Day, the actor confirmed the R rating in a hilarious prank video with Extra host Mario López. Both Ryan Reynolds and Mario López got together again to explain how this prank came about. Here's what Ryan Reynolds had to say below.

"I know there's a lot of contention online and all over the place about is Deadpool gonna be faithful, is it gonna be rated-R, is it gonna be the way it should be. So, we thought we would just have a little bit of fun with that idea."
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Last week, new set photos emerged that showed the scarred face of Ryan Reynolds's Wade Wilson, and today we have yet another image of the actor on the Vancouver set, which gives us a better look at the scarring. Take a look at the video and new image below, and stay tuned for more on Deadpool as production continues. Would you like to see more of Ryan Reynolds in his Deadpool costume, or more of the actor as Wade Wilson? Let us know what you think below.