It's not everyday that a superhero comes along dropping F bombs like it's his super power, but Deadpool is different than your run of the mill comic book movie. And it's one of the few to ever arrive in theaters with a hard R rating. The movie certainly earns that distinction, as it is a vulgar, violent carnival of thrills and adventure. But just how over the top does Wade Wilson go with his colorful use of the English language? Pretty far, as it turns out. The watchdog advocacy group Kids in Mind has decided to tally all of the filthy language, giving us a good run down of exactly what was said, and how many times certain words were uttered by the devilish characters in this one-of-a-kind outing.

What may surprise you is that Deadpool doesn't even come close to breaking the record for the use of the F word. That distinction goes to a movie appropriately titled Swearnet: The Movie, from the gang who brings us Trailer Park Boys. This particular comedy, which is streaming right now on Netflix, uses the F word an amazing 935 times! Deadpool only uses the F word and its derivatives 84 times, which seems like nothing compared to the filth on display in Swearnet. But it was still enough to garner the Marvel action adventure that coveted R rating it, and its fans, so desperately wanted.

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Deadpool also contains 34 scatological terms, 21 sexual references, 19 anatomical terms, 9 religious exclamations, 8 mild obscenities, name calling and 3 obscene hand gestures. Overall, the movie is starting to sound quite tame compared to what else is currently in the market place. But when it comes to other superhero movies, this clearly wins in the vulgarity category. It's also got a lot of nudity on display as well, for those looking for a more visceral, visual thrill. In fact, this may be the only Marvel movie with such brazen nakedness.

Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin both bare quite a bit of skin in their playful and quite funny sex scenes. There is also a scene in a strip club with a dozen or so topless women. And there are more than a few naked men in the movie as well. According to Kids in Mind, the sex and nudity on display is equally matched with the violence and gore, of which we've seen plenty of in the trailer. The website offers an extensive break down of everything that is shown in the movie. And it's all really one big spoiler. There is also some substance abuse that kids might find questionable.

Deadpool proudly wears its R rating, and it allowed the creative team to have quite a bit of freedom with their story. Because of that, we get a unique and very different sort of superhero movie that most kids are probably scheming to get into as we speak. While Kids in Mind is a service that helps parents decide whether or not children should see a particular movie, their breakdown offers a better understanding of just how special and insane this movie is. It's a blood-soaked, flesh drenched cavalcade of delights. And if all goes according to plan, it could be the biggest February movie ever released. So, how you going to spend your Valentine's Day weekend holiday?