Ever since Deadpool was officially announced last year, fans have been wondering whether or not this highly-anticipated comic book adaptation will be rated R, staying true to the original foul-mouthed nature of the Merc With the Mouth. Earlier today, JoBlo reported that the movie will actually be PG-13, although many wondered if it was merely an April Fool's Day story. As it turns out, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds was even in on the fun, sending out a series of tweets this morning, telling fans there is "zero reason to panic" about a PG-13 rated Deadpool, but, like that original report, it was all a ruse.

JoBlo has posted a new video, which is made to look like an Extra TV report, with host Mario López interviewing Ryan Reynolds live from the Deadpool set. While it initially looks like your standard TV interview, things take a hilarious turn, as you will see below. Ryan Reynolds even gets in a Saved by the Bell jab for good measure.

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Production is currently under way in Vancouver, with Ryan Reynolds starring as the Merc With the Mouth alongside Gina Carano, Morena Baccarin, T.J. Miller and Ed Skrein. Take a look at the video below, along with Ryan Reynolds' facetious tweets from earlier today. We also have the actor's latest tweets, where he confirms the R rating. Is this the best April Fool's Day prank of the year? Are you excited that Deadpool will in fact be rated R? Let us know what you think below.