Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld has taken to so social media to weigh in on the thought of Disney purchasing 21st Century Fox and therefore owning Deadpool and X-Force. The news comes after it was revealed that Disney was in talks to buy most of Fox, leading to the excitement of many fans who have been dreaming about the X-Men and Deadpool rubbing shoulders with characters in the MCU. But it has also been revealed that those talks sputtered out almost before they began and are not currently happening at the moment.

The fact that the talks have stalled did not deter Rob Liefeld from speaking his mind about the subject. After all, it would directly affect him and his characters. Liefeld's response came after Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds wondered aloud via Twitter about the how "the fudge" it would affect Deadpool. In typical Wade Wilson fashion, Rob Liefeld also took to Twitter to talk about how great Deadpool is and that it's the Star Wars franchise that Fox has been looking for. Liefeld had this to say.

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"It's your buddy Rob. Wait on any further talks until Deadpool 2 opens and does a billion. And X-Force! This is your Star Wars franchise and you've only scratched the surface. Everyone on the film side has kicked into overdrive. Watch that portfolio grow!"

That bravado from Rob Liefeld carries some weight, though he was more than likely being tongue in cheek. The first Deadpool movie earned a surprising $783 million dollars at the box office and really showed what an R-rated comic book movie could do on the big screen. The upcoming sequel is throwing Josh Brolin as the mighty time traveling Cable into the mix and the hype for the movie is off of the charts, so it's safe to assume that Deadpool 2 will do as good or even better than the first installment.

This isn't the first time that Rob Liefeld has brought up Star Wars. Just a few weeks ago, he claimed that Deadpool 2 was going to beat Solo: A Star Wars Story at the box office, going as far as to call Disney "delusional" for putting out the spin-off so close to the Deadpool sequel. That may seem like a stretch, considering the marketing juggernaut of the Star Wars universe, but if you look at box-office history, Deadpool 2 might have a shot.

While the talks between Disney and Fox aren't currently happening and nothing may come from them, Rob Liefeld is a master for capitalizing on the headlines to promote Deadpool, just like the real-life Wade Wilson. Deadpool 2 opens up on June 1st, 2018, one week after Solo, so we'll have to wait and see who wins the summer box office race. Who knows, maybe Avengers: Infinity War will continue to dominate over the course of the summer. In the meantime, check out the open letter to 21st Century Fox courtesy of Rob Liefeld's Instagram account below.