As production winds down on Deadpool, star Ryan Reynolds spent a day on the set with a young fan named Tony Acevedo. As the actor explained on his Instagram page earlier today, Tony asked the Make-A-Wish Foundation if he could meet the Merc With the Mouth himself, and they arranged a visit to the Vancouver set. Take a look at what Ryan Reynolds had to say about his day on the set with Tony Acevedo, who is suffering from Hodgkin's Disease.

"Tony Acevedo asked Make A Wish Foundation if he could meet Deadpool. I wasn't expecting him to sneak the mask, put on the gloves, smile... and then beat Deadpool about the face, arms and jugular with blazing speed. Tony's next fight is with Hodgkin's Disease. Hodgkin's Disease best be wearing its brown pants. Huge thanks to @makeawishamerica"
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This photo comes just one day after we reported that Ryan Reynolds met 15-year-old Calista King on the Deadpool earlier this week, where he actually gave her one of the katana swords he used in the film. The actor also tweeted out a link to help young Calista, who recently had a large brain tumor removed. Check out the latest photo from the Deadpool set, and visit to donate to a worthy cause.