For those of you who saw Deadpool, and we're assuming it's a majority of our readers, given the massive $135 million opening weekend at the box office, there are certainly a slew of memorable moments in this superhero adventure. There is one scene in particular, though, that fans are still talking about, where Ryan Reynolds literally bared all for a completely naked fight scene with the nefarious Ajax (Ed Skrein). Ryan Reynolds recently appeared on Ellen, where he talked about his preparations for this fight scene, which was done on a set that was on fire the whole time.

"You just have a little talk with the crew at the beginning of the day. You say, 'Guys, you're gonna see things that you maybe shouldn't see.' I kinda got an idea of what's like to work in the adult film industry. By lunch time, you're just like, 'Oh, Greek salad is good, isn't it?' and you're just totally nude standing there...I'm not above taking my clothes off for money. That's the bottom line."

The scene in question comes after Wade Wilson is deformed through a secretive program, run by Ajax. After a massive explosion in this facility, Wade and Ajax go toe-to-toe, with Wade initially wearing a robe that covered his scarred body, but it was removed during the fight. Due to the prosthetics that covered his entire body, he couldn't even put a robe on between takes, because the prosthetics would stick to everything, forcing him to be "naked" for two full days on the set.

"We shot this in two days and the entire set was on fire. We could have shot it in one day, but I had eight hours of prosthetic makeup. I didn't get to set until one in the morning, and I start this long process of doing head-to-toe makeup, and then go shoot a 15-hour day. We kept getting shut down because the fire marshal was worried that the ceiling would combust, because it was so hot in there. So, it was not a really comfortable process, as I fight this guy wielding this fire extinguisher."

It's possible that Ryan Reynolds could get into another "naked" fight scene in the forthcoming sequel, Deadpool 2, which is currently being written by Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. What did you think of the actor's naked fight scene in Deadpool? Check out the actor's full interview segment on Ellen, and stay tuned for more on the sequel.