Ryan Reynolds loves Deadpool. So much so, he wants to take the Merc with the Mouth to his grave. No other actor has ever shown this much affection for one of their characters. It is painfully obvious that he is loving every minute of it. And we've seen plenty from the actor in costume. He's been all over every social media platform. And from what we hear, the movie lives up to the hype. So, how many more sequels does Ryan Reynolds have in him?

We're not sure. While the actor claims he'll never play another super hero character as long as he lives, he'll keep coming back to Deadpool as long as 20th Century Fox will have him. In fact, it sounds like he wants to eat, sleep and shave in this crimson red uniform that he has been wearing for the past year.

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While Ryan Reynolds will be the first to tell you he was disappointed with how the character came out in 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine, he truly believes he's rectified that slight on the Marvel anti-hero. This is the most authentic comic book adaptation that has ever been made. And through it all, Ryan Reynolds' affections for all things Deadpool have not diminished.

The same can't be said of his other foray into the world of big screen superheroes. He starred as Hal Jordan in the gigantic DC flop Green Lantern, which arrived in 2011 before the whole DCEU was birthed. While a 2020 reboot entitled Green Lantern Corps. has been confirmed, there is no way Ryan Reynolds will have anything to do with it. The actor insists that his heart belongs only to Wade Wilson. He boldly states the following to IGN.

"I never want to play another comic book character again; Deadpool, I would like to play for the rest of my life - that'd be fun."

Early estimates suggest that Deadpool is going to be a Valentine's weekend blockbuster. And Deadpool 2 is certainly being discussed. It's even been hinted by Hugh Jackman himself that the sequel could introduce the new Wolverine actor. No concrete plans have been revealed about a potential Merc follow-up, and won't be until the first movie is in theaters. But we guarantee that this franchise isn't going anywhere anytime soon.