Apparently, the Deadpool script is so good, two of our most acclaimed American directors stood up for both it and the writers when it seemed as though 20th Century Fox would never green light the R rated superhero project. And it sounds like these two mighty mavericks of filmmaking can take some of the partial credit for getting this wicked script in front of a camera. Their outspoken words of praise certainly helped push it forward.

When you're trying to get something made it Hollywood, it's nice when two heavyweights like James Cameron and David Fincher have your back. Screenwriters Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese recently chatted with IGN as part of a massive set visit for Deadpool. And they revealed that both James Cameron and David Fincher put in a good word for the project when things were at their darkest. And it's because they believed in the story being told. Though, maybe we shouldn't let this hold too much weight. Earlier this summer, James Cameron gave high praise to Terminator Genisys before its release, and look how that turned out!

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The script aught to be good, though. As Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese have spent more than six years perfecting it, working on it on and off as they moved to other projects. During much of the time that they spent collaborating on the screenplay, it was not greenlit, and they were working solely because they both loved and believed in this odd little superhero adventure. During the many drafts that were churned out, the rating would constantly ping-pong between R rated and PG-13. The version that eventually got filmed is the R rated one. Though we're not sure which drafts James Cameron and David Fincher got their hands on.

One major change that occurred in the script was the fighting style. Over time, the two writers decided the wanted to alter what was going to be put on display. Which meant less gun violence. This came at the behest of the director Tim Miller, who believed there was too much gun fighting at the expense of superhero fighting. But that all seems to have been worked out.

The IGN story has a few choice new tidbits about Deadpool. While talking to Ed Skrein, who plays villain Ajax, they learned that this is not any old average comic book adaptation. As has been teased plenty of times in the past, this thing is going to look like no other superhero movie ever made. As it refuses to regurgitate anything that has come before it.

Another interesting note is that 20th Century Fox never told Ryan Reynolds that the movie had been green lit. He found out along with fans when the studio announced a release date for the movie. About how strange the experience was, the actor had this to say.

"[It was] the weirdest greenlight I've ever heard of because they didn't tell us, they just dated the movie. There was a bit of a fever pitch after this test footage leaked and then suddenly we just see that in the trades, like everybody else, 'oh, they dated Deadpool for February 2016,' and we all sort of look at everybody and go 'we're either all making a movie or we've all just been summarily fired.'"

Director Tim Miller was only given a 30 minute heads up about the release date announcement, and that was because he had a meeting later in the day with the studio about the movie. What do you think of this latest information? Do you trust James Cameron and David Fincher know when they see a good script? Or is it all just hyperbole?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange