After Ryan Reynolds was shown mourning the comic book death of Wade Wilson on the Vancouver set of Deadpool earlier this week, new photos have arrived, which give us our first look at the actor (or his stunt double) brandishing his dual katana blades. The actor even reached out to a fan on his Twitter page, who asked if he had named his swords. Take a look at the actor's response below, revealing he named the katanas Bea and Arthur, after The Golden Girls star Bea Arthur.

"The Katanas are named Bea and Arthur. Bea is a dedicated performer and a joy to work with. Arthur's grumpy-wumpy."

Production is currently taking place on Vancouver's Georgia Viaduct, which is shutting down traffic on one side of the highway for two weeks. After the first set photos emerged, many fans assumed that this was a scene from the test footage that leaked last summer. However, CBC also caught up with executive producer Aditya Sood, who wouldn't confirm that what they're shooting now is the exact same scene.

"There's a sequence in our film that requires us to be on a highway. So, this was the best location that we could find in Vancouver, and the city was gracious enough to to allow us to shoot here. I can tell you one thing, it is not the exact scene that you might have seen."

Check out the latest photos from the set below, and you can CLICK HERE for even more images which show Deadpool in action. The production has one more week of shooting on the Georgia Viaduct, so stay tuned for more images and videos from the set.

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