Back in July, test footage from the highly-anticipated Deadpool movie leaked online, which was received incredibly well by the fans and ultimately helped 20th Century Fox give the green light to this comic book adaptation. Production is now under way in Vancouver, with the latest photos from the set teasing what appears to be a scene from the test footage as it gets reshot. The images show Ryan Reynolds in full costume, standing next to a destroyed SUV which is tipped over on its side.

You may recall that the early test footage showed Deadpool leaping from a highway overpass directly into an SUV full of bad guys, which eventually rolls several times on the road before coming to a half. When the test footage was revealed last year, we didn't have any indication if this was an actual scene that they planned to use in the movie, but it seems now that will certainly be the case. The scenes were being shot earlier today on the Georgia Viaduct in Vancouver.

Take a look at the images from the Vancouver set, and stay tuned as more details and photos emerge from Deadpool, which is slated for release on February 12, 2016. You can also check out the scenes from the test footage below the photos. Are you glad they are using this test footage scene in the comic book adaptation? Let us know what you think below.