Oh, to be poor Stan Lee. He sure had it rough on the set of Deadpool. The actor appeared in his signature cameo for the movie, and it was a departure from what we've seen him do in the past. If you haven't seen the Marvel superhero adventure just yet, turn away. There will be SPOILERS ahead.

The Stan Lee cameo has become a tradition, even in movies not produced by Marvel and Disney. But what the Deadpool team asked of him was above and beyond the call of duty for the legendary comic book creator. This time out, he plays an emcee at a strip club where Wade Wilson's lover, Vanessa, works. But Stan Lee was not happy with how things went on set. And it's not for any reason you may be thinking.

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No, Stan Lee loved his cameo. He believes it might be one of his best yet. What he hated about shooting the scene is that it was way too short! He explains why he's so bothered by his cameo to EW.

"I wish I had spent more time in the strip club. They had me in and out too quickly."

Perhaps Deadpool 2 will allow Stan the Man more time to hang out in the strip club. The movie has already been green lit by 20th Century Fox. And it sounds like Stan Lee is certainly game to return for more. He had this to say about reprising his role as Strip Club emcee.

"If it's a Marvel movie, I'm there for it. Whenever a new movie comes out, I hope they'll have a spot for me. I get such a kick out of doing it. The fans seem to like it. I'm going to tell you a secret, here's the reason the movies make so much money: My cameo. A man takes a girl to the movie, right? They're watching the movie and they bend down to get some popcorn. In so doing, they miss my cameo. Now the movie ends, and they say, 'My God, we missed Stan's cameo!' So what do they do? They run to the box office and buy two more tickets and see it again. That's why the movies do so well, because of my cameos."

While it may sound like he's joking, the Fantastic Four reboot was one of the first Marvel movies not to include a Stan Lee cameo. And it turned out to be one of the biggest bombs of 2015. Shortly after it tanked, Stan Lee went on record saying his lack of a cameo was directly responsible for the cinematic disaster. With Deadpool now the biggest release of the year and on its way to $500 million, perhaps there's some truth in this. 20th Century Fox, the studio responsible for both Fantastic Four and Deadpool, will probably never forgo a Stan Lee cameo ever again.