Ryan Reynolds has kept true to his word. At Comic-Con, the actor promised that the first Deadpool trailer will arrive for general consumption in three weeks. Well, three weeks have almost passed, and the Alberta Film Ratings has officially rated "Trailer A" for Deadpool. Though, no official premiere date has been announced. And it won't be the version shown at Comic-Con.

Will the first official Deadpool trailer arrive this week? That's entirely possible. Though many fans believe it will arrive with Fantastic Four in two weeks, on August 7th. This makes more sense, as it, too, is a 20th Century Fox movie. One that is helping to set up their own version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which also includes their expansive X-Men series. Fox doesn't have any movies opening this coming weekend to pair Deadpool with. But that doesn't mean it won't drop online first!

Which, if it does, may insure that we'll all get to see the Red Band trailer that premiered to cheers at Comic-Con. The trailer set to debut in theaters has been rated PG, and will be a green band trailer meant for all-audiences. That may disappoint long-time Deadpool fans, but the MPAA won't allow a Red Band trailer to show before the PG-13 rated Fantastic Four. And this mere fact supports some fans' suspicions that we'll see the Deadpool footage sooner than later.

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While some Comic-Con trailers debuted online shortly after their premiere in Hall H, 20th Century Fox wanted to wait on Deadpool for the mere fact that the effects weren't finished yet. But that didn't stop the teaser from being bootlegged and leaked online just hours after it's appearance in San Diego. The bootlegs haven't been removed from the Internet, with Ryan Reynolds championing the original footage leak for getting the film made. He wanted to have this new footage completely ready before sharing it to a wider audience. There was no other reason for the delay.

The Red Band Deadpool trailer released at Comic-Con is full of bloody violence and gore, and has plenty of R rated language. If and when a Red Band trailer for the movie arrives, it isn't known if any new footage will be included, but that is entirely possible. The sneak peek not only showed off Ryan Reynolds's comedic chops as Wade Wilson, it also introduced audiences to Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, who shows up wearing her X-Men uniform. And we got to see the Return of Colossus. If you can't wait a week or two more for the official release, you can watch the Comic-Con trailer in all its bootlegged glory once again here.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange