Last week, Deadpool fans celebrated the box office blockbuster's monthiversary with a new trailer revisiting some of the movie's most iconic moments. Deadpool has taken in just over $328 million domestically, and over $380 million internationally for a worldwide box office tally of $708.1 million, from just a $58 million budget, setting the bar even higher for every superhero movie to come for the rest of this year. Today, we have a new video from the visual effects house Atomic Fiction, which breaks down their incredible VFX work on the epic freeway chase scene.

The chase scene was actually part of the now-iconic test footage, which was shot by Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller in hopes of getting 20th Century Fox to greenlight the movie. After the test footage leaked and was widely beloved by the fans, the studio stepped up and green lit the movie, which was obviously the right move since it went on to become a box office sensation. The movie has already become the highest-grossing movie domestically in 20th Century Fox's X-Men franchise, and it will likely pass X-Men: Days of Future Past's franchise-best worldwide tally of $747.9 million in the near future. While this movie isn't a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's still outgrossed most of those movies so far, even with the restrictive R rating.

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This weekend, Deadpool passed Marvel Studios' Iron Man and its domestic take of $318 million. If Deadpool was in the MCU, it would be the fifth-highest grossing adventure out of the 12 movies released thus far, trailing just behind Guardians of the Galaxy ($333.1 million), Iron Man 3 ($409 million), Avengers: Age of Ultron ($459 million) and Marvel's The Avengers ($623.3 million). While it will most certainly pass Guardians of the Galaxy soon, we'll have to wait and see if the Merc With the Mouth can cross $400 million domestically and $1 billion worldwide.

Deadpool's success has spawned talk of future X-Men movies becoming R-rated, including Wolverine 3 and X-Force. 20th Century Fox is already moving forward with Deadpool 2, with Ryan Reynolds returning to star as the title character. The creative team, including director Tim Miller, writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick and producer Simon Kinberg all expected to return. The studio hasn't announced an official release date for the sequel, but hopefully we'll hear more about this follow-up soon.

Last month, we reported that fans can already pre-order Deadpool on Blu-ray and DVD, although the studio hasn't issued an official release date quite yet. It's possible that this VFX reel could be included in the bonus features, but that hasn't been confirmed yet, so stay tuned. While we wait for more on Deadpool 2 and the Deadpool Blu-ray and DVD release, take a look at this VFX reel below.