It is going to be a while before we get to see Deadpool 2, which we all hope will feature a marketing campaign as excellent as the one that was done for the first movie. The marketing for Deadpool was so great, in fact, that it has actually been nominated for an industry award. That being the case, Ryan Reynolds has once again suited up as Deadpool in order to praise the marketing for the movie and to campaign a bit for the award, in the most Deadpool of ways.

Deadpool was recently nominated for a Clios Key Art Award, which probably doesn't mean much to anyone outside of the movie industry. For fans of Deadpool, it does mean that we get a little more new action from the Merc With a Mouth and a great breakdown of how 20th Century Fox and the team behind Deadpool were able to so successfully market the movie. Be warned, the video is very NSFW, as it very well should be.

As many frustrated fans of the character will remember, Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller had been trying to get Deadpool made for quite some time, but 20th Century Fox had very little faith in the idea. But after some test footage leaked at San Diego Comic-Con, the movie was greenlit and the rest was history. Deadpool wound up being a massive success, but he wasn't exactly a character that had as much recognition in the public eye as Batman. Plus, it was a very different and unique sort of thing. So, the marketing campaign was a crucial thing for the movie and it wound up being very memorable and very successful.

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Part of the problem in getting Deadpool made was that the movie needed to be rated R, which concerned the studio. As Ryan Reynolds points out in the video, they decided to announce to fans that Deadpool was going to get its R rating in a creative way; by murdering Extra host Mario Lopez in an online video. The gamble paid off for Fox studios as the movie went on to gross more than $750 million worldwide, which makes it the highest grossing film in the X-Men franchise to date. That was just one of the very many creative and entertaining ways the team used to market the movie.

No official release date for Deadpool 2 has been announced yet, but the movie got a green light very quickly from Fox once they realized they had a massive hit on their hands. Hopefully they can strike gold twice with another round of brilliant marketing, but that is a tall order. Deadpool isn't likely to garner a lot of major awards season nominations as ceremonies like The Golden Globes and Academy Awards approach, but this nomination for the marketing feels well earned. Be sure to check out the new video featuring this popular Marvel character for yourself below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott