At this point, discussing the resounding success of Deadpool is venturing into exhausted territory, but that is for good reason. The movie, which not all that long ago was considered a huge risk by Fox, is continuing to break down barriers outside of the box office. With awards season ramping up, Deadpool is shockingly starting to clean up some more impressive nominations, the latest being from the Writers Guild. So one has to wonder, is an Oscar nomination on the way?

The nominations for the upcoming Writers Guild Awards were recently announced and Deadpool was nominated in the Adapted Screenplay category. When looking at the other movies that were nominated, it is borderline shocking, but that is not to say it isn't deserved. The other nominees in that particular category include Fences, Nocturnal Animals, Arrival and Hidden Figures. So along with some poignant, socially relevant movies, a piece of excellent, thinking man's sci-fi and one of the best dramatic thrillers of 2016, an R-rated, violent, crass and bombastic superhero movie also scored a nomination from the Writers Guild.

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Prior to this most recent nomination, Deadpool was also nominated for a couple of Golden Globes, most impressively in the Best Picture (musical or comedy) category, marking the first time a live-action comic book movie has ever accomplished that. Ryan Reynolds was also nominated for Best Actor, an honor which he actually won at the Critics Choice Awards. All of this to say that it is starting to look very seriously like Deadpool could be getting some recognition at the Academy Awards this year, which would be a really big deal.

No comic book movie has had the honor of being nominated for a Best Picture Oscar yet, even though many thought The Dark Knight would do so in 2009. Still, even after the Academy expanded the category to ten movies, Christopher Nolan's gift to Batman fans didn't make the cut. However, Heath Ledger did win Best Supporting Actor that year for his unforgettable turn as The Joker. A lot has changed since then and if the trend continues as it has been, Deadpool could be up for some major awards come Oscar night. Granted, Best Picture seems like a stretch, but if a movie of that nature can sneak into a major category like Best Adapted Screenplay or Best Actor, it will really open the door for other comic book movies in the future. It would certainly make 20th Century Fox and the creative team behind Deadpool happy.

The odds of Deadpool actually winning at the Writers Guild Awards are slim-to-none, but in this case, it probably is an honor just to be nominated. Even though that is something that a lot of people probably just say but don't actually mean. After making $783 million worldwide in 2016 and becoming the highest-grossing movie ever in the X-Men franchise, it sure would be some super sweet icing on the cake to hear the words "and the Oscar goes to Deadpool" in a couple of months. That isn't likely, but it is starting to seem absolutely probable that Ryan Reynolds' decade-long journey to make this movie happen will pay off with at least an Academy Award nomination. Or maybe two. Deadpool 2 is gearing up to shoot early this year.