It's Tax Day today. So it's understandable if you're sitting at your desk, pulling out your hair, trying to squeeze in under the deadline. To help the day go a little smoother, that old rascal Wade Wilson is sharing some of his deductible items which he's filed with the IRS.

Yes, in a new Deadpool Instagram photo, we get a sneak peek at one of Deadpool's many receipts. Being an independent contractor means saving proof of every business related expense. As you can see, this gets very interesting when you're a superhero. And an unconventional superhero at that.

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Listed are just a few of Wade Wilson's deductible items. These include red and black thread for any superhero costume rips or fixes needed throughout the year. He also writes off his Holiday fragrance candles and copies of his own Marvel comic book. Whiskey falls into the work party deduction category, so he's clear there. And the 20lbs of kitty litter are a necessary tool in getting this job done! He's also claiming his Unicorn coloring book, his blank cassette tapes, which are on discount, and the frozen chimichangas he eats while on the job.

The most important deduction for an anti-hero like The Merc with the Mouth is, of course, ammunition. And combat knives. All tools of the trade. He's also writing off his auto chrome polish, his bactine and his Hello Kitty duffle, which he's shown off in quite a few posters and photos leading up to the release of Deadpool in theaters this past February.

There are surely more Tax expenses that we're not seeing here. This total write-off is for $2128. What's unclear is just how much money Wade Wilson makes when he dons his Deadpool mask for a job. It's possible when he adds this total against what appears on his 1099 he won't owe the government anything. You can take a look at some of Wade Wilson's insane tax deductions in the photo below.

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