Deadpool will arguably go down as the biggest hit of 2016. Despite being R-rated and having a relatively modest budget for a superhero movie, Deadpool went on to make $782 million worldwide. So, naturally, Fox has already given the green light to Deadpool 2, but we won't be seeing that movie for quite some time since cameras haven't even started rolling yet. Also, they just hired John Wick co-director David Leitch to replace Tim Miller. In the meantime, you can check out this new short from Marvel and Funko that stars Deadpool, who is squaring off against a classic Spider-Man villain, to help tide you over.

Marvel dropped the new Funko short titled Chimichangas on their YouTube channel recently and the video features the foul-mouthed mercenary duking it out with Venom. The title of the short is clearly a reference to Wade Wilson's obsession with that particular Mexican food, but also because the Deadpool there is a Funko POP figure that comes with a chimichanga truck like the one featured in the video. Shameless self-promotion aside, this short is pretty fun.

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Even though this short is definitely light-hearted and features a lot less (none) F-bombs than the Deadpool movie did, it actually maintains the violent nature that Deadpool is known for. In this case it happens to be a bit more cartoony, but still. Plus, we get to see everyone's favorite anti-hero clashing with Venom, something we will probably never get to see on the movie side of things. As of right now, Sony owns the rights to Venom and Marvel Studios has a deal worked out with Sony to have the new Spider-Man movies be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Deadpool is owned by Fox, so this is a fight that can really only exist in something like this. Or in the comics.

Chimichangas is definitely meant to be simple fun, but it actually winds up being a pretty good representation of both characters. Even without dialogue, Deadpool's nature really comes through in the short and Venom is very much portrayed as the scary rage monster that he actually is. Nothing like the extremely disappointing version we got in Spider-Man 3, which is still the only live-action version of the character we have seen to date. Now that Marvel Studios is making Spider-Man movies, that will probably change. For now, fans will have to stick to the comics, or this sort, for their Venom fix.

This is not the first Marvel Funko short. They recently released one called Bait N Switch featuring Guardians of the Galaxy favorites Rocket Raccoon and Groot, as well as one called Spellbound, which featured Spider-Man, Iron and Loki. You can check out the new Funko short featuring Deadpool and Venom for yourself below, which will hopefully help tide fans over until Deadpool 2 arrives, whenever that will be.