They say all is fair in love and war, and a little of both exists between best frenemies Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds. The two are known for their mock online feud that sees them frequently taking jabs at each other. The latest volley was fired by Jackman via an Instagram post featuring an eight-year-old who is celebrating his birthday with a Wolverine/Deadpool combo cake. The actor added the following caption to the picture.

"Sam celebrated his 8th birthday with dueling #wolverine and #deadpool cakes. I think it's crystal clear who won the battle. Don't you?"
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The Wolverine vs. Deadpool of it all has been a particular bone of contention between the superstars. The contention being that Reynolds really, really wants Jackman to make a Wolverine cameo in a Deadpool film, while Jackman has been firm about retiring the character after Logan.

The mock feud is said to have begun on the sets of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which is when the two actors first met and was also the disastrous live-action debut of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. Jackman had previously worked with Reynold's then-wife Scarlett Johansson, which became a subject of playful teasing between the two.

Things escalated when the first Deapool movie debuted to spectacular success and Reynolds embarked on a campaign to have Jackman cameo in the sequel. Although the Wolverine actor remained firm in refusing to strap on the claws once again, the cameo was managed by featuring scenes from X-men Origins: Wolverine where Logan interacts with that film's Deadpool, who is then shot dead by the current Deadpool.

But despite their frequent jabs at each other, the two actors are the best of friends, frequently appearing on each other's social media pages and joining together to help others in need. Like when the two recently called a halt on their 'feud' to run a lemonade stand together in aid of charity as part of the 'All in' challenge.

The circumstances surrounding Wolverine and Deadpool's onscreen avatars have changed dramatically in the last couple of years, most significantly due to the fact that the characters have now officially joined the MCU. The X-Men are going to be making their debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon with new actors and backstories.

Deadpool, on the other hand, will continue to be played by Reynolds and is said to be sticking to his R-rated oeuvre. Unfortunately, there is no mention of Deadpool among the MCU's upcoming slate of films, and the creator of the character, Rob Liefeld, has repeatedly stated that the studio has no plans to make a movie for the character any time soon because his excessively violent image does not fit in with the tone of the franchise.

With the latest post by Jackman, it is clear that his feud with Reynolds is alive and well, and now fans are waiting to see what response Reynolds will have to the picture. Sadly, the cake with the two superheroes next to each other might be the closest thing fans get to a crossover between the characters anytime soon.

Neeraj Chand